Posted on: April 19, 2011 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

So I had an interesting dream this morning. It included my ex and myself. The part that I can remember is when I turned around and my ex was standing in front of me adorned in Leo jewelery. She had a lion head necklace and earrings that had a lion hanging down. She was wearing her usual, all black. We were by the Nissan dealership on Highway 78 in Stone Mountain, GA. I was there looking to purchase my first vehicle. The next moment, we were being chased by some random man for no specified reason. We hopped into her car, sped out of the parking lot to get away and then soon had a fender bender with a pole. We fled and another random man stopped in a Dodge Ram. He picked us up and took off, as he knew all about the other man that was chasing us. Somehow, I ended up out of the car with some sort of adult car seat attached to me. I was wearing it like a book bag. Surprisingly, I was moving quite swiftly with the extra load. Whilst running, the man driving the truck informed me to turn the next corner. There was a small short-cut to get through there, but there was construction being done on one of the buildings and the car seat was too wide for me to be able to fit through, so I had to run to the end of the road and make the sharp turn. It was hard to slow down enough to turn smoothly, I had to almost stop and catch my balance. I started to run again and my alarm on my phone went off. Naturally I was awakened.
I enjoyed this dream as I miss my ex very much at this moment. I have let go of what negativity I had towards her and the wrong she may have done, so I feel like I want to start over and make things right. In the dream,  we did have a brief kiss, and we briefly spoke about rekindling our love for one another. Then, the big chase. Many people believe that dreams have meanings. If this one does, then it means that we have mutual feelings for one another, but the time is not right for us to try to come back together now. This dream has given me a smile and spark of hope, for I know the future holds magnificent things for the both of us. I hope that we will be able to enjoy them together. 🙂

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