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SAMSUNG“Maladaptive Daydreaming”…. If that be the charge, then lock me up in the nearest psychiatric hospital and drug me up! But why? What good would this do? This is a world ruled by conformity and “normalcy” – whatever being normal is.  Shall we take into consideration the Cosmic Time that we are in these days? This is a new Cosmic Day in which those who seek to live in alternate realities can manifest those realities into this seemingly real one with much ease. Why must everything that doesn’t support getting up by an alarm clock to go punch another person’s clock and come home by 7 o’clock to watch the game at 8 have to be linked to some form of psychiatric problem?
I’ve spent most of my life thinking that I was “crazy”. I’ve had the suicidal thoughts, the isolation, the “excessive daydreaming”, and in the end, all I had to figure out was that this over-controlled world is simply not made for my soul. I am a free spirit. I don’t like being told what to do. I am beholden unto no one, and in all honesty, all of us – our soul personalities – share these traits. So yes, many of us tend to go off into “La La Land” in order to escape the insanity that we call reality. And yet, these same dreamers that two “doctors” are working to label as sufferers of excessive daydreaming, or “Maladaptive Daydreamers”, are working very hard to put this into a box of mental disorders that need a cure. I am disgusted by this, and I sincerely hope that they can take into serious consideration the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of dreaming in the sleeping and waking state.
When we begin to discuss individuals living and perceiving alternate realities, especially in a conscious state where one can differentiate between true waking reality and the alternate reality, we go into the territory of spirituality, metaphysics, and mysticism. Thought is the vibratory energy that manifests all things. The ways of our thoughts and daydreams steer our lives and we attract what we are thinking and dreaming about. With the right intent, the daydream can become a visualization technique used to fully attract and manifest a desired outcome. All exceptional works of art, new inventions, and innovative ways to get things done begin with a dreamer and a dream. The dream consumes the dreamer to the point where the dreamer is then seemingly forced to make manifest and make the dream a true reality in one way or another. The step between the dream and real time manifestation is action! Thus, we should be appreciative of those who seek to stay in bed a couple of hours and live in an alternate reality that can inspire the next masterpiece that assists mankind into adjusting to the new Cosmic Day, or New Age, that we have emerged into.
What is lacking in this new emergence of “craziness” is the synchronization of these new findings with the new times that we live in. So many are holding on for dear life to an old paradigm of thinking and being, and it is not doing any positive service to humanity or planet Earth. Those of us who daydream excessively and find ourselves in the world of fairies are now finding that they have just been simply living in a different dimension of being. This is a time where we are merging realities and dimensions; therefore, we should not be working to keep them separate via finding the next excuse to get a pulitzer prize for inspiring the next wave of prescription drugs that will kill the person before it makes the person better. A better solution would be developing a way for these individuals to feel comfortable with who they are, not put another label on them to create more separation. There can be workshops put together that will help guide “excessive daydreamers” with finding their creative talents and putting them to use in order to manifest these elaborate fantasies into real life works of art or even a new invention of sorts – productivity workshops that balance the waking dream state and waking reality to merge them into one.
For me, “Maladaptive Daydreaming” is more like waking lucid dreaming. We go into this alternate reality of existence and create whatever it is we want to experience, and then, we experience it. I have been a superstar, I’ve been married with children, I’ve even projected myself to a karaoke bar where I met an actor and his girlfriend, just to find in a news article months later that he and his girlfriend had actually met in a karaoke bar – in real life. My elaborate waking lucid dreams have manifested screenplays and my self-published novelette, “In Love With Crazy“. My excessive daydreaming is what brought me into my spirituality and helped me find my mystical aspect of being. This waking lucid dream is what allowed me to perceive that this physical reality is an illusion and, in fact, gave me the confidence to be myself without having to worry too much about the ridicule of others.

There is more to this experience than a label and being put in a class of people who need to be “studied”. Our current way of life that restricts the soul personality from truly blossoming into all that it can become is what needs to be revisited. We all experience feeling like we don’t “fit-in” with a group of people. We all experience spouts of depression. We all feel awkward at times, and we all daydream. Yet, there are some that embrace the real experience of what a daydream can do as opposed to brushing it off as a fleeting thought that is either impossible or has no meaning. The alternate realities of the sleeping dream state are just as real and accessible in the waking dream state. This is a time where all realities are merging into one exhilarating experience in which all of our psychic centers are being activated and we can do more in this physical body than what we are taught to believe.
I say, dream on, my loved ones! Keep the dream a live and manifest that dream into this seemingly objective reality. For me, this is all part of our collective reintegration process. The time has come that we break free from the dependency of others with “titles” identifying us as what they want us to be and begin to identify ourselves as what we truly are – spiritual beings taking on human form, and whatever we are beyond that is solely up to us. Take your power back and make manifest!
Blessed Be!

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