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Social norms.
Determined by the average person in the world.
Not just that individual,
But that one and the many others that are like her.
These norms..
Determine normality.
But what IS normal?
Who knows.
Get into this.
The average person,
Is unhappy.
The average person,
Is ungrateful for something.
The average person,
Has no drive.
The average person,
Is an idiot.
At least in America.
It’s human nature,
To identify with an ingroup.
And when the in group is crappy,
So are you.
When the in group is fake,
So are you.
Because the reality is,
Everything that is out there,
Will eventually rub off.
On you. On me.
On our minds.
On our personalities.
We are all liars.
We all cheat.
We all are fake.
So get over it.
Stop begging for friends,
That will never be that.
Stop asking for attention,
When it won’t be genuine.
And even me…
Stop asking for conversation,
When you won’t get any.
Nothing stimulates the mind.
Nothing elicits intelligence.
Nothing conquers the drama,
And ignorance.
You will find in this fucked up world.
It’s a shame that the social norm,
Is to be an ignorant fool.
No real goals.
Goals, no drive.
Struggle, no will power.
Hopes, no dreams.
Dreams, no reality.
We have been punk’d.
Out of our minds,
Out of our free will.
To be who we really want to be.
Don’t agree?
Tell me how many people you have met,
That are REALLY..

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  1. So true… I think ppl are afraid to be themselves due to the possibility of being ridiculed. And being afraid of failure without even trying. When everyone else around you is like that, it’s hard to realize that there’s something more, something different.

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