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First, let us have a moment of silence for the strong, young black martyrs of the African American community: Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Mike Brown. These brave souls came into this world on a divine mission to be sacrificed so that the African American community can finally have its voice heard and move toward a society of equality and justice! Let us also give a roaring round of applause to their families, filled with souls that volunteered to take on the mission of being the new faces of social change in the United States of America!
The Black Delusion
Because all teenagers of all races, especially the African American portion of blacks, are perfectly behaved angels at all times, Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin could have never been anything other than perfect children. Eric Garner was nothing more than a man trying to make a buck on the street. The people, especially black people, are absolutely perfect, raise their families perfectly, and could never do any wrong. The system is solely out to get the perfectly behaved, law abiding black citizens! The justice system was created to only protect the whites in America, and now we are finding that it’s no longer about protecting just white people — just the right rich white people with the right bloodlines. But who cares that injustice comes to people that are black, brown, gay, or simply female. Who cares that there’s more to social injustice than the never ending oppression of black people who apparently can’t do anything wrong? It’s all about blacks getting their power back and being on top!
Isn’t that a romantic sentiment? A people who are the descendants of tribes that lost local wars in Africa and were then sold into slavery want their pride and dignity back. Nevermind the gross number of people in that community who do what they can to hold each other back, including burning down their own town and neighborhood businesses to prove a point to the white people who probably provided the loan to some of those businesses. Let us overlook the trend to tease each other in grade school about speaking correct English — because ignorance and stupidity are such better alternatives. Just forget the glorification of “hood life” and being “hood rich” that is pushed to the same demographic that is being gunned down and choked. Don’t take responsibility for the fact that we, people of color, need to do better to clean up our own neighborhoods instead of expecting The System to come do it for us. When The System comes to clean house, we suddenly don’t like how it cleans.
A Bigger Picture
Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Trayvon Martin were three African American males who were unjustly killed for being the color they were at the wrong place and time. It can be agreed that none of them deserved the deal they were dealt — in the moment. Let us take a mystical stance on this for a moment: What karma did they rack up over time that brought them such a fate? What karma has the African American community brought on itself to manifest continuous endurance of the same trials and tribulations over time? What karma has America, as a nation, built that has lead to this outpour of racial activism? I’m sure the answers to these inflammatory questions will vary, but there is a mystical truth behind all things.
Many Europeans have been historically all about “White Power” and the white race being to master race — the “Aryan Race”. They have taken over many lands across the planet on a conquest for total power and control of all things. There really are some “white devils” in the world, but that reality is not the only one. We oppress ourselves through our thoughts, we destroy our spirits through ill will, and we kill ourselves with wrong action. Humans have enslaved each other and played power games since the beginning. These concepts of slavery, racism, and oppression are not new and surely not limited to African Americans. Humans are spiritually immature and prone to giving in to desire and depravity. We need a revolution of consciousness to truly move forward.
The Real Power Struggle
The struggle isn’t about race, money, gender, or sexual preference; the struggle is about power. While the powers that be push the message that the great problems of the world are racism and classism, the reality is the great problem is discerning who “God’s Chosen People” are and ensuring that they are either raised up or kept down. The truth about the rulers of this world is made of things we only find in fiction movies and fairy tales. This truth is what inspires great contemporary artists to go into the world of magic and imagination, not knowing that these two are great and powerful realities. The truth about this world is what we have been brainwashed into believing is either untrue or impossible or simply unGodly. From the church to mass media and popular culture, magicians, high priests, and sorcerers have all been made out to be Black Magicians with ill intent. While there are some who dabble with the dark forces of the universe — and many of them are sub-rulers of this world — the bigger truth is that we were all born with the ability to harness and productively use cosmic power. The journey is now about remembering and developing our skills in the face of an envious and cruel world that seeks to reserve true power for a select few.
It is also true that most of humanity is not spiritually mature enough to handle being fully activated and all powerful, but in this new paradigm of living, we must learn The Art of Meditation and Prayer and adapt or perish. The new cosmic day is manifest, and we are called to see beyond the illusions and delusions of this material reality and the plays that are put on for us. We are called to see beyond the appearances of others and the appearances of what the media sells us. We are challenged to see through the false presentation of racism and classism, for these issues are being sold to us from mediocre and superficial perspectives. Classism is not about money; it’s about consciousness and supernatural power. Racism is not about color; it’s about the divine bloodlines referred to in all religions.
The latest protests have been counterproductive to say the least, for they do nothing but feed the same false narrative that has been playing out to entertain the masses since the great flood. The latest bouts of activism have all been fueled by egotism and opportunity to be in the spotlight. They have been put on by personalities and lead by talking heads that seek to maintain the status quo instead of manifesting real change and consciousness evolution. Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Trayvon Martin don’t matter, and they never did. They were perfect opportunities to manifest a distraction that keeps our consciousness focused on what is going on without so that we never discover the true cosmic, godly power that we already have within. It’s all about control and pure spiritual power. The return of the gods and The Christ. All the world is a stage. Know which side of the curtain you are on.
A Call to Action
Be not fooled by the media and pop culture. Stop jumping on to every bandwagon that sparks a conversation. Don’t jump into every conversation hoping for an opportunity to sound like you know more or care more than what you actually do. Do not be mislead by the things of this world. Go within, connect to The Divine, and find out The Truth that is hidden in plain sight.
If lives really matter to you, then go within and know thyself. Cherish your own life and the lives of others around you. Be an example to the world. Live in your Highest Light!
Know thyself; Be Thy Self.
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.” – Ephesians 6:12

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