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Everyone wants to be number one. In order to attain the title of “Being Number One” or being “The Best There Ever Was”, one has to eliminate all competition. This takes time, patience, initiative, persistence, and dedication. One has to commit. One has to commit to success. One has to set goals, and then develop strategies to achieve those goals. All of life is a game, and in order to win, one must first be willing to play. A sad reality is that not everyone is meant to be a winner. Without losers, there would be no winners. With this fact in mind, it may be hard for one to keep pushing forward in times of struggle and despair. However, it is this fact that separates the winners from the losers. This fact allows one to be able to figure out if he or she is capable of making it to the top.
To persist is to continue pushing forward in spite of any obstacles, discouragement or opposition. When one is persistent, he or she is able to keep a winning mindset and work hard daily. Eliminating competition means that one has to study all of his or her opponents and continuously figure out a way to be better without doubt or hesitation. One must not be afraid to fail. Failure will occur, and it is the person that is able to learn from a failure and see a positive outlook that will make it to the number one spot. It is the individual that sees every failure as another step to success that will prevail. One must seek out failure in order to succeed. One must have the internal drive to keep pushing forward, and one must be driven to achieve greatness.
In order to be a true leader, one must set the example. One must be able to take criticism gracefully and learn from it. One must be able to fail over and over, just to find a new way that will work. One must be solution oriented. If one wants to claim that he or she is “The One”, “The Boss” or “The Leader” one must be able to keep a positive mindset. One must be able to see the positive in every negative; one must be focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. Leadership is earned. Leaders push the envelope. Leaders are not afraid to do something different from the masses and be able to stick with it. Leaders have vision, and they have belief. Leaders are the ones who come up with a phenomenal idea and do not stop until the dream is realised. Leaders are open in their minds and in their spirits. Leaders also know how to leverage other people and their talents in order to create a successful team. Leaders understand that as a team, together everyone achieves more. One must be willing to put one’s pride to the side and ask for help when looking to be the number one person.
One is a lonely number, yet the number one is the number that everyone aspires to be. Being number one means sacrifice. One will sacrifice sleep, social life, long walks on the beach, and even love in order to succeed. One can risk giving up family and friends when pushing towards the ultimate goal. There will be haters. There will be those who are close to one’s heart that will go out of their way to bring one down and let him or her know that he or she will not make it and that success is not possible. These people are the ones who are meant to be losers. They are the ones that cannot be humble enough to ask for help and admit their flaws. They are the ones that will do their best to bring one down into the negativity and gloomy outlook on life that one may have had before. These people are the ones we think about when we hear the cliche’ “Misery loves company.” It often hurts, but one must leave these people behind in order to succeed. Being number one means have a winning attitude and a winning network. There is no other way around it; the wrong vibes will completely destroy a process in the works to achieve greatness.
In order to reach the number one spot, one must be a leader. One must set the example. One must be the example. However, one must also remember that 1 + 0 = 1. One person with a vision plus zero negativity, zero competition, zero drama,  and zero losers. Can you handle being the one and only? Do you have what it takes to be number one? Are you winning?

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