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It takes much courage to walk the fine line,
As one is constantly opposed from all sides.
Having no awareness of distance or time,
The laws of The Cosmic are those I abide.
With the braun of the Red and the brains of the Blue,
I cannot help but to think it is true.
All of the truths and all of the lies,
Leading to smiles followed by cries.
Our world is in turmoil, and yet we still spend.
We consume and sin and then fear it’s the end.
But what is there to fear in the times of now?
These days have been foretold for millennia now.
With natural disasters and endless war,
We continue to pretend to not know the score.
We are losing a game that we had opportunities to win.
We were forewarned of these days, but still chose to sin.
As I look to my left and look to my right,
I see no difference, nor end in sight.
All has come to fruition- the time has come.
Look to the sky, my dearest loved one.
Now we must face the consequences of our actions.
Now we must see all the truth of our factions.
I cannot choose Red, nor can I choose Blue-
Both Left and Right are full of fools.
I remain true to myself, as neutral as White.
Often brought to tears as I watch them fight.
Innocent lives, or innocent assumed,
I watch the deaths of those consumed.
Consumed by darkness; consumed by grief.
Consumed by spiritual wickedness we choose not to see.
Rising up against the powers that be,
They think they are winning, but alas, if only-
If only they knew this was all a lie.
A plan of greatness gone awry.
Maybe they would have a chance at life?
I think not, as all is right.
The last war is upon us being fought in the light.
Mass deaths of Muslims and Christians alike.
Take up your Holy texts while you still can.
Study them closely before they are banned.
Study the allegories of historical truth.
Pay close attention to what is revealed to you.
During the London Olympics, alien life was to de-cloak.
With live feed from Mars, is this really still a joke?
As we draw closer to the foretold date,
More of us awaken to our inevitable fate.
Could this be the last warning before the last quake?
Right now, unfortunately, I fear it’s too late.

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