Posted on: July 1, 2011 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

Now it is time to address this new phenomenon called The Flex. No one tells the truth about who he or she is anymore. I know plenty of spoiled people that grew up in the suburbs that act like they are from the hood. Now it may be true that they started life out in the hood, but they ended up in the suburbs. Then, these people try to claim that their suburban neighborhood is the hood. STOP! PLEASE! Many people are now embracing their “artistic” sides, yet they do not create real art. Some just copy and paste other people’s work together and then label the end result their own as if they created the whole masterpiece from scratch. Many call themselves musicians because they can find words that rhyme with one another or know how to use the latest digital software to imitate sounds of real instruments. Some call themselves lyricists and talk about nothing more than money, drugs, hoes and things they have never seen or done. True art comes from real experience; it comes from the soul. Many of these pseudo-artists have no soul, for they have sold it to make some quick money. They claim to be working on fortune and fame, and they say that they are “grinding hard” but as long as there is no true meaning that a real fan-base can relate to, there will be no real fortune or fame. One will never become a legend by copying what someone else has done. One will never make history by putting the same words and style to a different beat. One will never truly be seen by editing someone’s work and calling it his or her own.
Why is it wrong to be original in this day and age? One is shunned from the in- group for being able to think for himself or herself. An original thought is ridiculed instead of praised. Being unintelligent and unoriginal is the new trend. This is a disgrace to uniqueness of our species. What is the point of allowing our human race to develop so broadly and so complexly, if all we are going to do is pressure one another to be the same as everyone else? It is cool to lack intellect. If one is an African American, education and speaking of proper English is equivalent to trying to be Caucasian. Being on time is too professional or being about one’s business. Everyone wants to make an entrance, but will not show up on time to truly be seen.
We must love and embrace our TRUE talents. We must not be afraid to go against the grain and be original. We must support each others differences and not knock each other down because of envy. We must break away from the deadly sins and embrace the light of truth and purity. We must stop looking so hard at who is next to us, and grab a mirror and examine the only one truly in front of us. Ourselves.

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