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I think it’s safe to say that we all remember the cartoon named The Jetsons. There were flying cars, extremely tall skyscrapers, robots that serviced the home, video communication and futuristic fashion. We also can remember the movie the Fifth Element. In this film, there were flying cars, skyscrapers towering into the clouds, layers of traffic, aliens and many other characters. There have been films over the years that have illustrated what the future could be like. We have watched our dreams manifest before us in the form of fictional stories. However, now those dreams and illustrations have come to be a reality. The future is no longer so far away any more. There is no longer a need to dream of what things will be like. Everything is manifesting before our eyes.
To begin, fashion is ever changing. The latest trends are more and more out of this world, so to speak. Everything is about color and boldness! Everyone is developing their own individual style and truly expressing themselves through dress and other cosmetics. An ongoing theme for hairstyling that has come and gone over the years is the Mohawk. This style is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world, across all races and ethnic groups. Some get a simple classic Mohawk, others get a fro-hawk (Afro Mohawk), some leave the Mohawk to be long and others short. Many just enjoy their hair style, some dye theirs different colors. Many individuals, male and female dye their hair bright, vibrant colors to match who they are on the inside. Then, they create a wardrobe to match. More bright and vibrant colors, mixed with some darkness, are what can be found today. I have personally seen a male with a spiked Mohawk that was dyed purple at the tips with a matching out fit that was black and purple, down to the shoes. Celebrities and individuals are wearing more make-up than ever now, and they all look like plastic dolls walking around in colorful, modern clothing. Some haircuts that are seen today, are also found on some characters in The Fifth Element. Physical appearance is only the beginning of the reality of virtual life.
Technology is more prevalent than ever now. We use our cell phones, tablets, laptops and computers for everything including feeding ourselves. We have escalators and moving sidewalks in various locations. Our telephones are now made with screens and video capabilities like the phones on The Jetsons. Yes! Not only can I talk to you from across the world, I can see you too! Also, I have recently seen an infomercial for an automatic vacuum that can navigate it’s way through our homes in order to clean our floors. Does this seem familiar? Sounds like The Jetsons is now more than a cartoon that creates a dream world in our minds. The Jetsons is now a real life story of everyone in this day and age, that can afford it anyhow.
No, we don’t have our flying cars yet as our Old School World Leaders are still entangled in their oil/gas standard when it comes to transportation, and they just haven’t figured out how to make the movie prototypes a reality. However, this leaves room for more transformation to come. The year is now 2011, most movies and shows about the future are set during dates between the years 2015 and 2050. These years are right around the corner, and the dream is now a reality. Our norms for today were unheard of only 10 years ago. Now we live in a world where what happened 5 years ago seems to have happened 50 years ago. We are quickly moving toward the point in time and space where time and space no longer matter. Time seems to not last at all, and everything is happening so fast that we cannot comprehend what happened 5 minutes ago. Sometimes it seems like what just happened didn’t even happen at all! Tis a time to think about our lives and how we live. Tis a time for thought and transformation. Tis time for transcendence. We are no longer bound by the limits of time, space and the impossible. The impossible is now possible and real. Time is no longer a factor. Space is so limited that there is no use in making a big issue of it. There is no longer a need to look forward to the future of the world as we know it, as the future is now. It is time to simply create and continue. Move forward and transcend. The only dream left for us now is the dream of the Spirit World, traveling into new dimensions and visiting other planets. What galaxy will you be living in 10 years from now?

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  1. You are right we do live in a tomorrow like world. But the future is still even more exciting than the current present state we live in. I love technology its one thing that’s always innovating. Like my phone i just got (droid bionic), when i got it, it was the latest thing. But a month later there was already a newer slimmer version out (droid Razr). And this beautiful yet frustrating, soon it will be impossible to stay at the top end of technology. This is just evidence that future of tomorrow will even more remarkable then the future that we predicted a year ago. But we must keep advancing though, as of recently there has been talk of suspending nasa. This will most definitely stop the advancement of tomorrow. I feel we must keep these programs going to better our understanding of tomorrow…

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