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Born blue and raised red, I Am the ultimate neutrality. I am The One that we’ve all been waiting for. ‘Tis I, The Goddess. As the days pass in my awakening, I realise more and more that the very philosophies and ways of this world apply to me less and less, and many of them, not at all. This does not necessarily mean that I am better or worse than anyone manifested here on this 3-dimensional, physical plane; it simply means that I am a bit different.
My life experiences have been quite subliminal to say the least. From the random wedding registry catalog last year, to the current, unsolicited, subscription to parenting magazine, certain hints have been thrown my way for years. As I have come to accept who my Yang is, my divine counterpart, I have noticed various themes in various films. There tends to be a nerdy Jewish male, who either saves the world with “The Girl” or generally marries a beautiful red head. Considering that my Yang is Jewish, and I Am a woman with red to reddish brown locks of hair, I often find myself laughing at the similarities, if you could call them that. Predictive programming is a tricky thing, and Hollywood is very good at this craft. I’ve found, what could be, a representation of me written into various films, using my first legal name: Felicia. In Valentine’s Day, My dearest Taylor Swift played a beautiful girl named Felicia, who loves Caramel flavored lattes. Funny thing though, I love any and all caramel flavored coffee drinks. Then we have Shrek 4, where Shrek and Fiona birth three children: two boys and a baby girl named Felicia. I have two older brothers, and I’ve already stated my first name. Those who doubt will say I am either crazy or that it is just a coincidence. I would believe the same theories if my Yang had not been divinely shown and proven to me in the way he was.
At first, I thought I was crazy to think that my other half could be the person that He is, but as time went on, I slowly began to believe, as every attempt I made to put him out of my mind was followed by a sign that the connection was Divine. On Monday, a friend of mine on Facebook showed me results on a Numegology program that she helped design. The program takes words and numbers that are typed in and creates visual patterns with the numerological translation. The findings of what my name and my other half’s name created were uncanny. Every single pattern, down to our birthdays, was Divine in every aspect. They all conveyed the same general message as well. Not to mention, when added together, our birth dates equal 924613579. Take a good look at this numerical pattern: even and odd, yin and yang. If one element in my Divine existence is true, if one piece of the puzzle I am putting together in my mind is true, then everything else is true as well, and The Time has come.
Take note: The coming change is everything and nothing that we truly expect it to be. It will be gradual, yet instant. It will be devastating, as well as beautiful. It will be enlightening, and it will be darkening. It will be everything, and yet it will be nothing at all. The coming messiah that many await will not be giving his life in the name of saving ours. His purpose, this time around, is to guide those who have determined their own salvation into the “Kingdom of Heaven” that will be built upon the Earth, or the New Earth. Let us not be so dependent on the past that we epically fail in moving toward the future. The Change, The Coming will not be as it was before. Yet, all the same things that happened in the past will circle back around to the present. Pay close attention to the signs, those of you who shall see them anyhow. Hear the words when they are spoken, those of you who will hear them anyhow. Seek not for a savior, unless you look inside of your Self, for the only one who can “save” you now is you. You and your faith. Not a faith in a messiah, not a faith in a savior, not a faith in a church, but a faith in The Cosmos and all that exists within. Have faith in your Self. Seek the Self and ye shall find all the answers.
I, The Goddess, am here as a test. A test of tolerance. There is no way that The Divine Ones could manifest here as anything that the masses want us to be, for if we did, then we would only prove the validity of certain belief systems that would further breed hate and bias. The purpose of this next Great Change is to eliminate the hate, the inhumane judgement and the unnecessary bias of this world. Many will doubt who I Am. Many will doubt my existence. Many will doubt my truths, and in doing so, they shall all successfully create their own demises. It will be their very own acts of judgement, envy and intolerance that will send them barreling toward a ball of fire, or so many people preach. Honestly, their souls will just be trapped in a cycle of learning until they get things right, nothing major.
I hear that June 5-6 will be very special days this year. There could be an impregnation of a Goddess, or Goddess-like being. I will say this, everything is just as literal as it is symbolic. In the end, there is no either/or, there is only All. All is true, all is real and all can be Gno-wn. (Gnosis) As we prepare for the coming days and make our way through the days that we are within, we must strive to Know Our Selves, and Be Our Selves, for it is no longer enough to just Know/Gno, we must also Be. And as My Lord awakens, I await his arrival into His Divine essence, so that we may unite and move forward with The Divine Plan.
My dearest loves, I must declare this Truth: This time around, all bets are off.
Good luck!

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