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Once upon a long time ago, there was a baby born to a virgin named Mary. He was named Jesus Christ. A magical blessing from the Lord above he was. Jesus would grow to become one of the greatest and most beloved men to ever walk the Earth. Being as though Jesus was a literal God send, he was given special power. Jesus used this power to perform miracles to those who faithfully believed in the lord Almighty God. Jesus would heal the sick, bless the blind with sight, cure the illnesses of children and give many other blessings. For those who did not believe, Jesus would give them an opportunity to change and confess a new-found belief and love for the Lord Almighty God. Jesus also preached in the name of God. He preached what man should do, or be willing to do in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven when they passed on to the next realm of existence. Jesus was a righteous man. Jesus’s greatest miracle was a personal one, given unto him to perform out of a great sacrifice. Jesus was captured and crucified on a cross by those who envied his greatness, and wished to maintain control over their own followers. Three days after he was buried, Jesus was then resurrected to prove to all of the non-believers that the power and presence of God was real and to be worshiped and respected. All believers in the Lord Almighty God will be saved in the end times, and all those who take Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and savior and practice his teachings will be allowed to enter into the kingdom of Heaven. All those who do not take heed and remain in physical lives of sin without a willingness to repent will be cast down to hell for all eternity, or left in limbo to make things right.
This story has been written and told over many centuries. Many different men have taken the original texts and translated and skewed the details to their own liking. This fact is why The Holy Bible is the most controversial text in all the world. Not only are there multiple versions of the hard copied text, the way that the stories in this book have been interpreted and taught are as different as the people who read and preach what the “good book” says. Christians, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Protestants, Baptists and other religious groups all base their beliefs and teachings on this main story in this one book. Yet the versions of this book that are used to teach the masses are as different as the religions that teach the story. If the story of God, Jesus Christ and his disciples are undoubted fact, then why do the stories vary the way they do? Why do the texts not all say the same thing verbatim? Why does the King James version not read the same as the Light of The World Edition that I have in my home today? These important questions are why it is taught that one should “walk by faith, not by sight” and “beware of false prophets”. One should have a strong foundation in one’s belief and faith in the higher power known as God from one’s soul. One should not take what has been written by man literally and put more faith in word written by man, than what one feels in his or her own spirit by supernatural communication from God. One should know the truth from what is felt in one’s spirit, as opposed to believing what another man has told one to believe.
This leads to the issue of churches, religious cults and the laziness of the masses combined with the egos of individuals. Has one ever heard someone say “Well, Pastor says to do this.” “Father such and such said to do that.” “I myself have witnessed and I know that you need to read this.” If one is supposed to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ (who was a man) and do as God wills us to do, then why do so many make such a huge issue of doing what another person tells him or her to do in the name of God? Is this act within itself not blasphemy? Man has taken the will and teachings of God unto himself and decided that people should listen to each other, not God. One may ask, “How does one listen to God?” Those who believe in the truth may rebut, “When one allows his or her mind and spirit to be open to communication from God and the Holy Spirit, one will know.” Churches and congregations are good for communing with like minds and fellowship; however, it is too often believed that these buildings and groups of people are the way to the Golden Road to Heaven. Too often are individuals mislead to believe that confessing one’s sins to man is the way to seek forgiveness. People are brainwashed into believing that if one does not follow the orders of the God chosen spiritual leader (who is not Jesus Christ), then one will not be able to see the kingdom of heaven. There is too much faith in man.
On the point of forgiveness, many believe that God will forgive us for all of our sins. This may be true; however, this seeming fact has been transformed into an excuse. Has one ever noticed the immense number of individuals that go to the club, listen to unholy and degrading music, partake in “one night stands” and then go to their place of worship on Sunday morning to receive blessings from their religious leaders and ask for forgiveness for the sins committed the night prior? Some may proclaim that if God already knows what one is going to do, then it is okay to partake in sinful actions as long as one repents and asks for forgiveness. The belief and faith in God is being exploited and being taken for granted. If one knows that God will forgive him or her for murder, then he or she will commit the sin (against the Ten Commandments) and feel that everything will be fine as long as one repents and asks for forgiveness later on. Many use the excuse “we were all born sinners”;thus, individuals should be able to sin as long as they go to their place of worship, listen to their God appointed leaders and pray. Interesting.
Most importantly, we have our false prophets. We have priests and bishops and well known and admired pastors leading large groups of people into damnation in the names of God, Jesus and profit. Why is it that the main portion of tithes paid to “God” is monetary? Not only are the tithes mainly monetary, there are added fees such as building funds collected in the name of the Lord Almighty God. The most interesting thing about these congregations is that because the pastor speaks with such conviction, his followers will do almost anything that he tells them to do, in the name of Jesus Christ himself. Has one ever noticed that many do not even ask others about a belief in God anymore? The question of the day is now “Do you believe in our lord Jesus Christ and accept him into your life as your savior?” Is faith supposed to be in the spiritual God or in the man created and preached Jesus? Yes, one should acknowledge and respect the greatness and miracles of Jesus Christ, but it is the faceless spiritual God that one must have faith in and worship. Yet, the masses are taught to believe in and follow Jesus Christ, a character of man whose story was created and told by man; therefore, people are taught to have a faith and follow the teachings of man. Man is corrupt, and so are those priests and pastors who are exploited on television for their demonic sins of child molestation. The kicker about those false prophets is that their followers are so far gone in their brainwashed state that they go to bat and defend the actions of those hypocrites that lead them. God does not approve of hypocrites, and I am sure that he does not approve of those who are monetarily corrupted in His name either. So much for the High Road to Heaven.
What is God? Is God a man in the form of a spirit? Is God a puppy? Is God a woman in spirit form? To me, God is the universe itself. God consists of the elements that make up the Sun, Moon, Stars and planets. God is gravity. God is light. God is oxygen and hydrogen. God is everything that we can see and cannot. Many are taught that God is the creator of the universe; thus, people try to imagine a spirit of some sort creating the universe. It is too complicated to try to imagine who or what created the universe considering that most individuals cannot comprehend the fact that there is life and land beyond the city that they live in. How can one try to conceive the notion that someone or something created this seeming endlessness called space, when most cannot begin to grasp the fact that there are other planets, much less galaxies, in existence within this space? The personification of God is a misconstrued truth. Many believe that their spirits will walk on clouds and see illuminated gates to everlasting bliss. Many believe that God will be a strong man sitting on a throne. Has one taken a look around? There are many rich and powerful men sitting on thrones who are worshiped right now as we speak. They exist here on Earth, and people bow down, kiss their feet and worsh

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