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This life is illusion, is it not? We know what we see, and we think we see what we know, but what if we don’t really know or see anything? This new paradigm of thinking is presenting this concept of the holographic universe, and with this thought we become consciously aware that what we think we know to be real and true about this material life and existence may not be the real truth after all.
What is this thing we call life? What is experience? Is anything a true reality? We must now ask the question: what is reality? Reality can be a matter of perspective, and then we can go forth to wonder whose perspective is the true reality? In the end, we find that all of our individual perspectives are equally valid and they each communicate an individual aspect and experience of existence.
For my experience, the biggest illusion is the large number of dream figures I interact with on a daily basis. We tend to call these things people. I can become so intertwined with these beings and so caught up in an emotional cloud of connection that I forget to only know and remain in my own individual truth. I can become attached and believe that these connections are real. Although they look, sound, and feel real, are they really? We can stop communicating with a person, move away, never see that person again, and that individual becomes nothing more than a memory that we eventually wonder if the experience was a dream in the first place. I often have moments when I remember experiences from my early childhood in Baltimore, Maryland and I seriously wonder if the experience really took place or not. There are also times when I have dreams and I wonder if they actually took place in this perceived reality or not.
Life is a dream, and the dream world is the true reality. But then it can go both ways. Maybe both experiences are equally real, but each one takes place in a different dimension – on a different plane. One thing I do know is that I’m a dreamer. I dream to the point where my realities merge and I don’t know what is “real” and what is not. I dream in my sleep, I daydream, and I go forth in my daily life manifesting a waking lucid dream.
To me, there isn’t enough dreaming in the world. There aren’t enough conscious dreamers. Dreaming truly is a lost art, and many of us are too afraid to embrace the existence of parallel universes and dimensions that allow us to experience the dream world and this world, simultaneously manifesting equally valid memories for one mind to store and comprehend.
I am the dreamer’s obscurity. I am the dreamer. This life is the dream. And to quote a line from the monologue of Speed Levitch from the movie Waking Life, “…when one realizes that one is only a dream figure in another person’s dream – that is self awareness.”
Don’t get too caught up in the experience of other dream figures, for they are only reflections of our true selves. Know Thyself. Be Thyself. And live the dream, after all, that¬†is what we are really doing.

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