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In this current patriarchal world, we have been mislead to believe that men are whole and women are lacking. In actuality, it’s the other way around. There are many historical accounts of human DNA having been manipulated by an alien race some tens of thousands of years ago. One theory presents that the X chromosome of the woman is whole, while the Y chromosome of the male is actually incomplete as the lower right extension of the X was taken out to create the male distinction. This means that males are actually incomplete genetically. This would make sense if one were to link this theory to our Biblical story of creation.
In the beginning, Adam was created from the dust of the Earth. God then removed one of Adam’s ribs and created Eve. This means that Adam is no longer whole in his singular being; however, Eve never had anything removed in order to create another being; therefore, Eve is still a whole being. Mind, body, soul and spirit. Adam, on the other hand, is incomplete without his counter part Eve.
Since Eve is an important part of Adam’s spiritual and physical existence, it is easy to understand how he could have easily been coerced into eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of life. In the Apocrypha texts, Book of Esdras , King Darius of Persia asked three of his bodyguards to name what thing they each believed to be strongest. The wisest response was rewarded gifts and riches. The chosen wisest response was that women are strongest as men will drop their riches and even have them taken as they stare with open mouths at a beautiful woman. Men will love a woman more than their fathers or mothers. Men will become crazy, grief stricken and even resort to evil ways over a woman. The question was raised “Do you not toil and sweat and then bring all you earn and give it to your wives?”
I do not believe women are to be the masters of men as Zerubbabel did, but I do believe women give men life, and they are the missing piece of the puzzle needed to build the complete man.
In the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, there are various accounts of Eve, the daughter of Sophia, being sent to Earth to awaken Adam from his lifeless state and give him spirit, life and awaken his soul. There are also accounts of either other worldly beings causing Adam to believe that he is master and Eve is his slave for their own reasons. There is also an account of God and Eve agreeing that they should cause Adam to believe that he is master and women are to serve men so that he would not feel he is in debt to Eve for bringing him to life. Women are not to be ruled by men, nor are men to be ruled by women. Men and women are to physically and spiritually unite the masculine and feminine energies so that they may become more whole and move towards immortality as one.
Men are constantly in search of their “missing rib” in order to come to full spiritual completion; however, just as when one receives an organ from a donor and the body rejects it, this can also be true for the union between some men and women. This is often due to the physical classifications of what the right “rib” is to be like. There are set standards of what it should look like, how it should function and what services are to be provided. We often forget that the search is for spiritual union and completion.
The union of man and wife is one of mind, soul and spirit by way of physical connection in this 3 dimensional realm. We should not seek out our partners through eyes of lust and carnal passions, but through eyes of the spirit and love. When we find ourselves engulfed in flesh based whorish acts, we should repent. Yet, repentance is not a physical cry to a bodied, or disembodied, spirit; it is the moment in which we sit with our Selves and reflect on what we have done physically to damage our spiritual beings. It is the moment in which we acknowledge our spiritual feeling of being “unclean”, take responsibility for our actions, and consciously become more aware of the energies we expose ourselves to and work to stay away from actions, people and spirits that could work to taint our spirits once more.
The battle being waged right now is a battle for our souls and our spirits. Only we can save ourselves, and we should do this from a source and position of self-empowerment. Seek to love and be loved. Connect with the body, love with the soul, and unite through the spirit. Unite the masculine with the feminine to regain wholeness. Leave behind the need for power and control, and coexist physically through the union of the spirit. This may just cause one to have a happy and everlasting marriage. What do you think?

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