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Men are insecure. Men are weak. Honestly, men are interesting. Men are simply complex. They don’t think too much into situations. They don’t sit in stores for hours at a time trying to figure out what they want to buy. They don’t spend too much time trying to figure out a person or a situation. They try to keep it simple and get straight to the point. What makes men complex is their insecurities. Think about it. When a boy meets a girl in grade school that he likes, instead of being sweet to her and trying to woo her or sensibly get her attention, he picks on her and calls her names. When a man is interested in a woman, instead of approaching her with respect and starting up an intelligent conversation, he only refers to her physical appearance and just asks for her number. Then, if she declines, she is called a bitch or a hoe. In today’s world, men don’t even take time to acknowledge the fact that a woman may have a brain. Why is that? Not all men are guilty of this, but it seems at though a majority of them are.
Let’s get into this. It has been known for ages that men go out of their way to impress one another, and they especially go out of the way to impress a woman. But why? We are all aware that men and their testosterone fueled complex leads them to try a little too hard to show that they are the dominant ones. Men are raised to be strong, healthy, smart, witty, unemotional and ambitious. Men are taught that if they show their feelings, then they are weak. Men are taught that if they let a woman get to them, then they are punks. This is all well and good when teaching men to be strong, but when it comes down to the reality of life, these teachings are only so effective. Men often take these teachings to the extreme and they cannot find a balance between being strong men and being real men.
Real men have no problem acknowledging their emotions, they have no issue with courting ladies and they can handle having women in their lives that may have power over them. Real men are not offended when it comes time to pay for the check on a date. They also do not have an issue with listening to women complain about life, and they even provide feed back. Real men know that communication is key in life and relationships, and if there is an emotion that needs to be communicated they will let it be known. They have no shame. They are able to cope with being human. They want a woman to have some level of mental or emotional power over them so that there will be some form of competition to keep the relationship interesting physically as well as emotionally and intellectually. Real men understand that they will always be compared to other men, but they don’t need to overstretch themselves to prove themselves to be The Alpha Male. Real men know that they already are The Alpha Male, and they portray themselves as such. They are upstanding, righteous and respectful gentlemen.
Strong men are simply that, they are strong. They are strong physically, mentally and emotionally. They are so strong that there are no emotions, only ambition. They go to the gym and kill themselves lifting weights, trying to become the strongest of the bunch. They often go out of their way to out smart others and prove they are right. Strong men are actually weak. They are the ones that do the “dick measuring”. Strong men sit around in their social circles bragging about how many hoes they have chasing after them. They discuss how much money is in their bank accounts. They argue and fight over meaningless basketball games or even video games. They wrestle to prove physical strength over one another, and then boast and brag about a win as if they were at the Olympics. An example of a strong man’s interaction with a female is as follows: a strong man will walk up to a female and simply know that she wants him, just because he is standing there. Then he resorts to calling her out of her name when she turns her head the other way, or he spreads rumors about her to his friends because he can’t let the boys know that she won. Strong men also go out of their way to prove themselves to women. They spend ridiculous amounts of money on women to prove that they are winning in life. Strong men often misrepresent themselves to women in order to make themselves seem like they are better than other men, often because they wish they had what other successful men have to offer. Strong men are insecure, and they go to extreme lengths to prove themselves otherwise.
There is a way to balance the strong man persona with the real man persona. Men can subtly let their friends know that they have won a woman over by treating her with respect. Man can wrestle in the fields and then shake hands at the end of the match. Men can talk about financial struggles and offer a helping hand to another that may be in a bad position. Men that are doing bad can be humble and grateful enough to accept an offering. Men will get their feelings hurt, and they can express that to those who truly care and understand. Men do have feelings, and they can act as if they exist. Men are insecure, and they don’t have to hide those insecurities. They don’t have to fight the fact that they have insecurities. They need to find the strength to face those insecurities, and be comfortable with themselves. Men need to stop focusing so much on what other men think. Us women are starting to wonder about you.

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