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I cannot lie. I am hurt. I am wounded emotionally. All of the feelings I have let subside deep in my subconscious have begun to surface. I am now in a moment of darkness. I am experiencing a spat of depression. I have finally shed the tears that I thought could no longer form. I am now facing myself in a metaphorical mirror. It is time to face The Truth. Not only are the problems in my life caused by the people I thought could be trusted, these problems are also caused by myself. I am troubled by my own worries. I allow myself to hold myself back from my own greatness and potential by deadening myself to what is around me. I live in reality, yet nothing is real. Nothing is to be taken seriously, yet I think too much into it all.
In one of my darkest moments in life. I have found light. My light is The Darkness of most others. Death. Death, life, spirits, ghosts, history and reality are all my deepest passions. I always indulge in these interests in a passive manner. Now, it is time to be more aggressive. It is time to truly study and share not only my interests, but my experiences as well. This well be a new journey, and yes I will take you with me.
We shall now go on a journey into another life. We will embrace a new world. We will no longer fear the past and future because we think too much about the present. We must feel each and every moment. We must study our past and relate those moments to our present in order to get a sense of what our futures could truly be. The future is beyond tomorrow and next year. The future is the next millennium. The future is the next life that we all may or may not pass on to.
There needs to be an understanding of what we fear. There needs to be an understanding of why we fear it. We must study and allow ourselves to participate in the magical experiences of life and our encounters with death, be it our own momentary death or an encounter with a spirit. It is time to share our stories. We must acknowledge that we are not alone. There is more to what we are unaware of than extraterrestrial beings from other planets. Most of us are unaware of our own Guardian Angels. We fear the spirits that are here to guide and protect us. We look to the stars for the assistance that our loved ones, standing next to us in another dimension, are here to offer.
Yes, there are demons. Yes, evil exists. Yes, there are angels. Yes, there is positive spiritual protection. There is more to our connection with life and the spirit world than religious teachings that are skewed by physical, man-made theories and feelings. There is truth, to everything. All truth is learned through experience. It does not matter how many degrees a scholar may have, that same scholarly individual may still be lacking true knowledge due to a lack of personal experience. We must stop examining each other and drawing conclusions based on another person’s experience. Our lives and deaths are our own, and we must OWN our experiences. We must take responsibility for our actions and in-actions, and make a change within ourselves. We must become conscious beyond the physical world. The next world and life won’t be nearly as interesting if we do not.

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  1. In my opinion, a passing interest in the black arts (can I call it that?) is okay. I used to not think this way. I used to stay far away from even artistic interpretations of all things spooky. Now I don’t mind it as much. Further, this past Saturday, a friend of mine asked me to bless his new apartment because he feels an ominous presence there, a mischeivous spirit. While he did incantations and spread sage smoke into all the corners, I simply prayed. I believe the manisfestations we see and feel on earth are demons on a mission to either harm us, shake us to our individual cores, or to lull us into some false comfort by transforming themselves into angels of light.
    So, again in my opinion, turning to such sources to find some sort of light into a darkness that we may be experiencing, might not have the effect that we desire. I think it’s self-defeating. My one major experience with a spirit, while I was visiting an old jailhouse in Buffalo Gap, Texas, did not feel threatening, but it did seem oppressive. My feeling is, that even when people have visitations from seemingly benevolent manisfestations, it’s all a ruse manufactured by malevolent forces. Remember, transforming themselves into angels of light?
    So I, too, find myself fascinated by, or drawn to spiritistic things. My conscience pricks me when I’m watching “American Horror Story,” or reading about someone’s ghostly experience. I know this comment is rambling…it’s all over the place.
    I guess my point is, darkness cannot, or maybe I should say “should not,” be used as a portal to light. At least, I don’t think it can. Educating yourself on this type of thing may have its advantages, but immersing yourself into them in a search for light would be a mistake. I think, and again this is completely my own opinion, a better line of defense would be to greet the people and situations that have caused you pain head on. Understand the reasons for your pain, embrace those reasons, and don’t repeat the same mistakes.
    Don’t give up looking for the light in your life just because your present has dimmed. Surround yourself with people with like interests. Reconnect with friends or family who have traditionally offered goodness. Shape your circumstances favorably and reaffirm your own strongly held convictions. That’s a truly lighted portal.

    1. Everyone’s opinion and experiences are different. Your opinion is your own, and my experiences have clearly been different from yours. I have had positive and negative experiences. Your comments seem like you have judged me to be some sort of lost soul, and that is not the case. I feel that angels, demons, positive and negative should all be embraced to some degree as they are all ever present. Usually, Earth bound spirits passed in a violent and negative manner, or they have “unfinished business” or feelings that hinder their “crossing over” experience. However, their intent is as unique as the person. Some are there to protect, some are there to educate about the past, and yes some are demons looking to mess with human life. It is about bringing understanding to eliminate the fear. We often find ourselves afraid to look into the dark corners and run away from them. This includes the dark moments in our lives and our own inner darkness. The light is education and understanding, the darkness is fear and misinterpretation, often followed by judgement. 🙂 I am not afraid of the spirit world, good or bad.

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