Posted on: August 3, 2011 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

There is nothing more beautiful on this Earth than making love to a woman, being in love with a woman, receiving the love of a woman. I love women. They make life worth living. I have had my share of women throughout my life, and I must say, the experiences were wonderful. The emotional and spiritual connections between two women are impeccable. They are indescribable. These connections run very deep, and it seems as though they can form instantaneously. Women provide such a unique support system all on their own. They are loving, they listen, they love you, they care for you and they take care of you. Who on Earth would not want that kind of love and support in their lives?
The best part of experiencing the love of a woman is experiencing the sexual side of a woman. Touching a woman’s body and watching her quiver and shake is amazing. Hearing her soft moans and subtle cries can take you into another dimension. You can have an out of body experience when making love to a woman. It is simply amazing. The soft skin and curves are so sensual on their own that you can have an orgasm on sight, or even with the first touch. The most enjoyable part of making love to a woman is the orgasm. A woman’s orgasm alone can make anyone aroused and ready to burst. I love feeling a woman’s insides at the point of climax, the intensity of the body shaking, the flowing of bodily fluids from her body to mine, and the moment in which you both lock eyes and nothing else on the planet seems to exist anymore. The entire experience itself is an adrenaline rush.
Women are awesome, but they are tricky. They will play mind games and be manipulative. The will make sure they get what they want, when they want, and sometimes they do so at any cost. Women can be conniving and vindictive. Women will hold grudges and bring up the past at the right moment, just to prove a meaningless point. Women can be very jealous, and they will start a war if they feel the need. The love of a woman can be extremely difficult to deal with.
The love of a woman in a lesbian relationship can be intense. Everything moves so quickly. The rumor is true, when lesbians begin to date, they move in within a month. Two extremely intense individuals bringing their emotions and love and support into a situation tend to be very overwhelming. Women go hard from the beginning. They put themselves out there from the initial point of contact, and they seem to never let up. When two women get together, you can expect lots of public displays of affection and a lot of sexual undertones. Women love sex, and they love having sex with each other. Even straight women “try it out”. Yet, there is the carrying of baggage from one relationship to the next, there is the holding on to traumatic experiences from the past, there is also a sense of neediness. Despite it all, women are irresistible. Women truly to rule the world.

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