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Is it true that Luciferians are really Satanists? Do they all collectively worship the darkness and practice evil? Let us take an analysis on this topic. To begin, those who believe in the existence and power of Lucifer and/or Satan are believed to collectively worship the devil. These believers are labeled as evil devil lovers. It is true that those who believe in Lucifer and/or Satan love the dark side, but they do not love the darkness because they themselves are evil. They love the darkness because they truly understand that in order to see and recognise the light, one must pass through the darkness. One must love the darkness. One must face his or her own soul, and embrace his or her own dark side. Those who believe in Lucifer and/or Satan are not evil, they just understand many things that the average person cannot.
One thing that is understood by believers is the concept of magic (magick). Magic is often confused with dark occult forces. Dark occult forces are people who practice magic negatively and obscurely. True magic is simply the act of using natural energies from our planet and universe along with positive visualisation in order to elicit change in one’s life. It is often believed by the masses that all magic is dark and negative. We are taught from childhood that we should not interfere with “God’s” plan for us; but who is God? We are told that magic and sorcery are for those who are weak and dance with the devil. Honestly, magic is having a connection to one’s surroundings and being able to make use of it. Magic is the art and science of being aware of nature and all that is around us, in this dimension and the next, and being able to tap into it for prosperity and positive influence in our lives. An understanding and use of magic comes from mental and spiritual strength, not weakness.
Another misconception is that Lucifer is the devil. Lucifer is Satan. Actually, Lucifer was an angel. Lucifer was an angel created by “God” and blessed with the gifts of beauty and music. Lucifer was given the gift of music in order to awaken the other angels in the morning. When Lucifer decided to grow an ego and attempt to equate himself with “God”, and even try to say he was greater than “God”, Lucifer was then cast down from the heavens to rule the underworld for all eternity. When Lucifer was cast down, he then became Satan, the dark ruler of eternal damnation. Lucifer and Satan are not one in the same. Most Luciferians do not even accept the title of Satanist, as Satan is the darker alter ego of the angel they believe in.
The most interesting misconception about those who believe in Lucifer and/or Satan, the “Devil”, is that those who love these seemingly dark characters do not believe in the all knowing and all loving, benevolent “God”. How can this be true? In order to regocnise that the “Devil” exists, one must acknowledge that there is an equal and opposite “God”. In order for Lucifer to have ever existed, there must have been a “God” that created him. This is where I simply cannot go along with these false prophets and brainwashed Jesus freaks. I am not against anyone’s beliefs, but one cannot claim to truly understand another individual’s religion if he or she refuses to understand the full truth of his or her own. Lucifer was an angel created by “God”, so how can those who love and worship Lucifer, The Light Bearer, not believe in the “God” that created him? If there is no “God”, then there is no Lucifer. If there is no Lucifer, then there is no Satan. Therefore, if there is no “God”, then there is no Satan. “God” played a major part in the creation of Satan, face it.
What is most interesting about religion, especially Christianity, is that all of the followers of the teachings of the Holy Bible simply glorify and praise “God” and his creations. They believe in an all loving “God” that has a powerful wrath. They praise the fact that “God” is a jealous “God”, and that those who choose to believe in ways that are not approved of by “Him” will be punished. What they fail to preach is that jealousy stems from envy, which is one of the deadly sins. They fail to preach that “God” is arrogant, and that arrogance, which stems from the deadly sin of pride,  is what caused “Him” to cast Lucifer into the underworld. Why is it that “God” could not simply put Lucifer in his place? Why did “God” have to get sensitive, throw a fit and send Lucifer to hell? Who the hell is “God”? Many will read this and proclaim that I will be sent straight to hell because I was bold enough to ask the previously stated question. Yet, I have to wonder how all of this makes sense in the bigger picture. If “God” always forgives, then why couldn’t a little ego trip be corrected and forgiven? These are questions that Luciferians ask. However, Satanists not only ask these same questions, they live to find answers, even if they themselves have to create them. Luciferians love Lucifer, his beauty and talents, and they show empathy. Satanists understand the anger, and some may even tap into some darker forces and execute certain agendas.
If it is true that only “God” can judge us, then why do we take it upon ourselves to judge one another? Is there really a need to point fingers and place labels? People often judge and fear what they misunderstand. They misunderstand magic, and they condemn it. They misunderstand witch craft, and they persecute. They cannot understand their own beliefs, and then attempt to change the minds of others in order to have proof that their faith is what is right. In my eyes, humans truly are reflections of “God”. They are arrogant, egotistical entities that throw temper tantrums when they are challenged. When one takes time to step outside of the Biblical mind, one must ask: What is the truth? Who is Satan? Who was Lucifer? Who is “God”? What is “God? Who am I? What do I truly believe?

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