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The time has come! It has been prophesied for millenniums. The great Kings will reign, the people below will rise up and the Kingdoms will fall. Kingdoms have risen and fallen over the centuries, but now is the time in which the ongoing cycle shall come to The Epic End. There is a movement going on around the world. Revolution has come, and it will not cease until The Change has been made.
The world wide awakening and movement toward revolution began earlier this year in Tunisia. The People protested, the oppressors tried to tame, and eventually The People won. In Egypt, The People protested, the oppressors fought the people, The People never gave in, and The People won. In Libya, The People protested, the oppressors fought the people, The World aided The People, and eventually The People won. Now, it is America’s turn. The trick to the American Revolution is that it will be more structured. There will be a peaceful rage. It will take longer for a riot based revolution to ensue. Hopefully, The Peace can be kept for as long as possible as America is a more structured and diplomatic country.
On September 17, 2011 the Occupy Wall Street movement began. A small group of protestors who had the same concerns as those in the Middle East Uprisings (poverty, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity, and government corruption, with an addition to frustration with corporations) decided to sit in Liberty Square in New York City, not too far from Wall Street, and Occupy the area in protest of the unfair and unjust treatment of people in America. They would have Occupied Wall Street itself, but it was blocked off. They are protesting corrupt corporations, which control the corrupt government which is supplied by the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve. The purpose is to Occupy the area, and other areas around the country, until meaningful and positive change comes to fruition.
It is now October 15. 2011. The Occupy Movement has spread to major cities across America including Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore and many others. Social Media has been a big part of this revolution, and those in the Middle East, as people have been able to reach a world wide range of supporters and activists that all agree with the cause and show support. Celebrities Michael Moore, Russel Simmons, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco have all showed their support for The Occupy Movement. Lupe Fiasco made donations of tents and parkas for those Occupying Denver. Small businesses and Non- Profit organizations donate and serve food to ensure that the protestors are all well fed. This is a union and sign of community that is most admirable.
For the first month or so of The Movement, there was a mass media black out. The topic #OccupyWallStreet was trending on Twitter for only one day and only small interviews were done in relation to the story with Michael Moore on MSNBC. Now, Occupy Wall Street has a bullet and is talked about daily on main media outlets such as CNN. Unfortunately, 700 protestors had to be arrested for the attention to be turned toward The Movement, but either way the protestors now have the media attention they have been needing.
The Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, planned to have the Occupy Protestors evicted from their site in Zuccotti Park on Friday Oct. 14. The park owners received multiple calls of threats and passionate suggestions to “back down” from Anonymous individuals and unnamed politicians. Due to the overwhelming love and passion for The Movement, this eviction was averted, even though Bloomberg was not pleased with it.
The Occupy Movement is spreading like wildfire and it is now growing to be a world wide phenomenon! On Oct. 15, 2011 it is said that there will be Occupy Groups actively participating in 200+ cities in the United States and in about 80 countries! This will be a monumental event! The time has come for The World to awaken. The time has come for the extremely overdue, World Wide Revolution to actualize. The time has come for prophecy to be fulfilled. And if the oppressors come trampling on The People with their guns and sticks, we shall fight back! As stated in the movie Waking Life, “A well armed populus is the best defense against tyranny.” Hence the creation of the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution! America was not founded to be what it has become today, and it is time to take back what is ours and truly share that with the world the way it was supposed to have been!
Nothing is going to stop this Revolution but pure and positive change! Nothing will make the masses lay down! We will take this corruption and greed no longer! We will rally and Occupy and chant and write until something is done! It is time for the Great Kingdom of World Dominating Tyrants to come to an end! For we are many! We are Legion! We are Anonymous! We are The People! We shall prevail! The end is near; the end is here! The Movement of Anonymous has come. The time of Revolution has begun. Tis time for us all to come together as one. The future is now; it is our war to be won!

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