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Much of the world is asleep. People are unconscious. We are trained to get up, eat breakfast, go to work or school, eat lunch in the middle, come home and do homework or house work, eat dinner, watch mindless television or sports, pray to a misinterpreted God, and go to sleep in order to repeat the process the next day. We are taught to think in terms of what is told to us by other human beings who have been told that they are “God-Like”, or they are sold to be in that image. I am not saying that there isn’t wisdom in this world that needs to be recognised, but we are taught that we should not have to think for ourselves. We are taught that we can only think in terms of dollars and cents. Our very existence is currently meant to be in the pursuit of happiness via the pursuit of profits. It is time to awaken and become conscious.
There is a whole world beyond us. Different faces in different places. Different races and different spaces. There is positive energy being spread as well as negative. There is life and there is death. There is a multitude of religions, cultures, personal beliefs and congregations of people that believe in a common goal. There are Goths, Hippies, Hoodrats, Rock stars, Wanna Be’s, Politicians, Enlightened Individuals, Spiritualists, Anarchists and many more labels to people all over the world. All of these can be recognised openly, without judgement whilst being conscious of what is around us; however, true consciousness needs no label for anyone, for each person is recognised as an individual
Many of our peers are so enclosed in their ways of thinking and “living’ that they do not even realise that they opened their eyes that day. All of life is a monotonous experience cyclical events. If one asks “What’s going on?” The respose will honestly be “Nothing new.” Why is this? Because there really is nothing new going on! Same shit, different day as always. This is the experience of the unconscious mind and spirit. There is no life. No hope.
I had an experience with an unconscious mind on Twitter today. The trending topic #OnlyBlackPeopleSay was trending world wide and an African- American young woman with a profile picture of her half naked with her rear end in the air and an explicit profile name posted “#ONLYBLACKPEOPLESAY finna or fixing to.” Unfortunately, she was in error. Those particular phrases are used generally by Country inhabitants of the Southern U.S., it is not only limited to Blacks. I let her know of this and her response was “Only people I know that say that are Black, so I’m sticking with it.” I then replied, “That’s fine, but The Truth is bigger than your narrow views.” She rebutted “I hope you made yourself feel better by pointing that out. #Next” She, my dear friends, is completely unconscious. Her general presentation of self is up to her, but her mindset is that of an unconscious mind. If I only hear Black people saying a particular phrase, then only Black people must use it. There is a world beyond her train of thought, and she refuses to see it. She is offended by a moment of awakening and enlightenment. True, it is hard to face the fact that what you believed to be true is actually false or misguided, but an open and conscious mind is willing to accept that there is always room for error and improvement.
The word conscious means “Aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake.” according to various online dictionaries. Simply being aware of what is going on in our own back yard is consciousness. Recognising that our neighbors are different from us and our inner circle is being conscious. Knowing that what goes on in my home is not the same as what is going on in the home across the street is consciousness. Realising that the world we live it today is corrupted by greed and the promotion of ignorance is a form of consciousness. The true conscious person not only recognises the similarities and differences of the world, the conscious person actively participates in those similarities and differences. Those of us who are conscious commune with groups of people with like minds, and openly recognise and embrace those who are not like us. We look to enlighten and awaken those who are clearly asleep. We share ideas and information in the name of progression, not regression. We work to make change in our world. Some of us work for negative change, and many of us work for positive change. Some of us have selfish agendas, and some of us work for the betterment of all the world. In any case, there is an awareness. We are aware of the good, bad and ugly of life. We either work to improve our way life, or sustain our way of life. I prefer the former, as most of us do.
The time is now to work towards a utopian cvilization, and now more than ever this can be achieved. There are mass protests all over the world taking place at this very moment in hopes of positive change. The masses are awakening one-by-one in the name of peace and humanity. Governments are being overthrown and The People of the world are all rising up. End the Greed! More humanity! More sustainability! More equality! Less judgement! End corruption! End unnecessary wars! The Awakening has begun and will continue.
There is a world wide movement going on. This movement is bigger than our individual countries. This movement is bigger than our governments. This movement is bigger than our economic welfare, or lack there of. The Movement Towards Consciousness is the mass awakening and awareness of ourselves to one another and the world around us. Now more than ever are people from all walks of life, rich, poor, Baptist, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic are all slowly removing all of our cultural barriers that have kept Operation: Divide and Conquer a success for so long. More and more people are beginning to care less about petty differences between them and coming together for a common cause: Coexistence. The time is now, and the moments are continuously passing by. Either you will awaken and become conscious and work towards a better world (or worse), or you will remain asleep, unconscious and simply continue in your meaningless life of nothingness. Will you rise up or be trampled upon? Will you participate, or watch the true meaning of life pass you by? The choice is yours, as long as you are alive in this physical body. I strongly suggest: WAKE UP!

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  1. I agree, I think that this world teaches us to live a life full of procedures. However, I believe that through faith, not religion, faith through a relationship with Christ, you see things through a whole new positive perspective. I like your insight. You seem pretty intelligent. I’m glad that someone else is challenging a culture of non-thinking through insight and not anger. Hit me up, I’d love to discuss further.

  2. Consciousness…
    I once heard a person say if you have a golf ball size consciousness then you’ll wake up with a golf ball size awareness and go to sleep with golf ball size awareness.. And read a book and only have a golf ball size understanding of that book. But we can expand our consciousness to understand and be much more aware of the things that are happening around us. There is nothing wrong with believing something but when you follow that belief and that belief apon other without there accepting there opinion. You’ve closed off your consciousness and actually limited your understanding of anything else. On must counteract this with open mindedness. The idea that you don’t have to belief someone’s ideas or thoughts but to atleast be open to it. And consider there opposition rather than totally denying the existence of it. To me this is just one way we broaden our awareness of the world. I don’t know if this was on point with what you expressed or not but it was just a thought i had while reading…

  3. Love this post…. yes the masses are at last re-awakening up to the consciousness.. and I agree with your thoughts here and Have posted my own thoughts upon the consciousness.. The time is soon coming where our thoughts will escalate and join humanity together… Lets hope we can embrace the postive aspects and not get caught within the Fear which is being promoted by those in power.. For they know that their end is in sight.. and will do their upmost to create havoc and chaos..
    many Blessings.. a friend.. Sue~Dreamwalker ~

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