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This life often seems to feel like an ongoing battle. There is always some form of opposition that we feel that we have to fight against – from the events as serious as discrimination to something as petty as “haters”. But what is this battle really about? Are the obstacles we face truly outer battles to win and overcome in order to say we won the game of life, or are they simply outer manifestations of inner battles that we refuse to take on?
Most mystics, spiritual teachers, and gurus will claim the latter, as we are all one, and when you think about it – it’s true. The characteristics that we point out in others are either reflections of who we are or who we want to be. We see in others what we see in ourselves – or want to see in ourselves – it’s quite common and natural, but when does the projection go from being a reactive action to a productive exercise?
Going within isn’t just an inward process – it’s an outward process too. We are able to affect and plant seeds of improvement in others when we work to improve ourselves. Raising our consciousness means raising our awareness, and when we become more aware of our thoughts, words, and actions we are better able to evolve. Although tracking our thoughts can be a challenge, we can at least strive to be aware of our thoughts about or toward others, usually by paying attention to the emotional energy that goes along with the thought.
Every moment of every day, we are bombarded with opportunities to grow and improve, but often times, we dwell in some level of insecurity and cause friction in our own lives – often without knowing it. We fight ourselves constantly – our passions, our desires – and where does it get us? We get into another rut or feeling of despair or hopelessness. Even worse, we project these insecurities onto others either directly or indirectly, but this habit can change with simple application of being more aware of what we think, speak, and feel.
Life doesn’t have to be an ongoing struggle. It doesn’t have to be and ongoing fight. In the end, we are only fighting ourselves, inwardly out outwardly. The hardest thing that many of us have to face is our own soul – having to face ourselves and what we do that is beneficial or detrimental to our our livelihood and the livelihood of humanity. We are all going through a collective experience of cleansing, and in order to clean the mess, we have to face the fact that not only is there a mess to be cleaned, but also that we are the ones that made the mess. We are being cosmically forced to come face to face with the deep dark secrets that we have allowed to become dusty skeletons hidden in the back of our biggest and darkest closet. We are in a paradigm shift that is bringing up every societal and cultural issue – and individual conflict – that has been swept under the rug and grossly overlooked for a period of time. The time has come to face the truth – given and hidden. The time has come for us all to really explore our own belief systems and our living patterns. We will all get through this process, but this revealing time will not be easy and it surely won’t allow any stones to be unturned. Yet, in the end, all will turn out for the better of human interaction and livelihood. Life on earth will be the diamond that emerges from the extensively pressurized piece of coal.
This life, and the ones of the past and future, are all experiences for soul growth, and if we don’t allow ourselves to face what is in front of us and grow and expand, then we will be forced to face the same lessons over and over again until we reconcile all that needs to be worked out. So go forth on your quest toward illumination with strength, courage, and patience. Stop fighting and submit to the inward and outward challenges and lessons that promote the evolution of souls. Be the student we all want the teachers to be, for if and when we accomplish the grand goal – individually and collectively – it will then be our turn to teach.

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  1. Definitely needed to read this. Being insecure seems to be a huge hurtle for a lot of people but I feel that once they recognize what and why they’re fearful, then change can begin..

  2. Beautiful insightful posting we do indeed need to face up to our challenges, I personally do not want to repeat the lessons… And if we keep on getting similar experiences it means we have not learnt from them or let them go…
    Wishing you well…
    Sue xox

  3. Wow, this is so right. I have noticed before when I’ve heard others complaining about someone, that what they were saying about the other person was almost what I had thought about them. I had to force myself to read this because I realize that I must be the same way. I have known this about myself but never really allowed myself to look at me. I must sound awful when I complain and I do complain a lot. This post has definitely awakened me to my own issues and i am going to try to check myself and hope that i will change.

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