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I and My Twin
Li Owl

The owl. In Greek mythology, the owl is associated with the Goddess Athena representing wisdom. The owl is also associated with mystery and the spirit world, as it is a nocturnal bird. The owl is also believed to represent inner light and knowledge of the world, physical and spiritual. On the other hand, the Romans believed the owl to be an omen. The owl, to them, was a sign of death or destruction. Many Catholics and Christians believe in this negative connotation of the symbolism of the owl to this day. I, however, and with the Greeks. The owl represents wisdom and mystery. The owl is a connection between the darkness and the light. The owl is solitary and nocturnal, flying through the night silently. I love and respect the owl, as I share some of the same qualities.
I am a nocturnal person. I can sleep the day away with no problem, and be awake and ready for life all night. I love the night time, as it is the time that is associated with darkness and mystery. No matter how hard I try, I am never truly able to sleep through a whole night. I awaken at some point. Even though I cannot see clearly, I do see decently at night. Over the years I have claimed to have “night vision” when someone asks me “Why are you walking in the dark?” or “Why are you doing this or that in the dark?” Like the owl, I tend to stay to myself. Although company is nice, I prefer to be to myself in my mind in my own world. When I am around others, I am quiet and observant. I move swiftly, and often quietly, unless I am wearing heels or some other form of noisy shoe.
I also possess a wisdom about life that others cannot seem to understand. Many often feel that because they are older than I am, that they know much more about life and I could never be able to understand the things that they do. These individuals put up a wall around them, not allowing me to truly feel their soul. That is fine. My natural intellect is not based on what we are taught in textbooks. What I am able to put together from life is not limited to my life experiences alone. I do not know everything, but I  am able to look at a situation objectively and make sense of it. I am able to step outside of my own body and see life through the eyes of someone else. I am able to feel another person’s pain and feel out his or her train of thinking. I am then, able to devise a solution to a problem or give meaningful advice. This wisdom has been embedded in my soul, and I only need to open myself up to my own inner knowledge to access it.
In addition to those qualities, I have a unique connection to the spirit world. While staying with family in New York, I had an experience in which a voice with no body called my name from the staircase. No one else in the house was awake at the time. There was a time in that same house in which I was having a phone conversation with a friend, and there seemed to be a voice attempting to come though on the call. The call suddenly ended. At home in Stone Mountain, Ga, there was once a time when random articles of clothing appeared in my mother’s home. I placed these pieces on the top of the couch and went into the dining room, which is openly connected to living room. When I came around the corner through the kitchen back to the living room, the clothing was then on the floor as if someone had thrown them on the floor. No one had moved around the house during that time. I live with and love the spirits that exist around us. The fact that we cannot see the angels and demons that guide us through life does not mean that they are not there.
I am slightly obsessed with death as it is a part of life. Many believe that life begins and ends. Life is a cycle. We live in a physical realm, and then we move on to live in the spiritual realm. Some individuals live in both the physical and spiritual realm simultaneously. I applaud their openness to the world and the cosmos. I am the owl. I am the one that is worshiped at the Bohemian Grove every year, or so the conspiracy theorists say. I am the one who holds the light and is not afraid of the darkness. I am the one who some praise, and others fear. I am the one whose memories will haunt you in your sleep, if you dare to believe I am evil. I am the one who sits is the trees and watches over you. I speak only when it is needed. I live in the night, and I respect the dead.  I love the light of the Moon and I am connected with it. I am the one who is heavily misunderstood, yet often respected. I am loathed, and I am loved. I am connected, and I am aware. I hunt my prey at night, for I am as unique as what I eat. It is I. I am. The Owl.

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