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Don’t judge me. I am an individual. I was not placed on this planet to please you. I was not born for the sole purpose of making you happy. I am me. Born with a natural talent. I was born with a mind, and I use it. I know who I am, and I accept who I am. Stop attempting to fill my brain with your criticisms in hopes that I will alter myself, or a part of myself, so that you will feel justified in your narrow-minded opinions of me. I do not care for what you think of me. Your feelings about me are irrelevant. What you need to do is focus on yourself, not me. You need to stop projecting your demons on to me and face them. Do not take these words lightly as they are truth. Please, stop looking at me in that tone of voice. I cannot hear you.
It is amazing how many people in this world feel the need to pass judgement. They feel the need to “tell you about yourself”, but they have no concrete stand points. Only opinion. Subjective opinions are confused with objective fact. People think that what they is believe is what is right and that is all. But one’s personal feelings about what someone else does or says is nothing more than opinion, and honestly, it does not matter.
If one is to call himself or herself a true individual, then that person acts and reacts on his or her own accord. That person is not worried about pleasing everyone, or living up to a certain standard set by one or more other people. The individual is taking life moment by moment. The individual is a role model. The individual is the epitome of spiritual and mental freedom.
However, there are so many people that live in the eyes of others. They survive to just make it. They follow the status quo. They participate in the mindless race of getting to the money first, and spending it accordingly. They make asinine comments on subjects pertaining to everyday life because they wish to remain in their blissful slumber of ignorance. They do not agree with being aware of what is going on in their lives. They live the life of vanity, and they avoid seeing their own truths and demons.
Those caught up in the Game of Life are often closed off in their experience, or lack their of, of life. They are taught social norms and standards. They are raised to believe in a certain “right” or “wrong” way to exist. They judge each other, and they judge themselves based on this criteria. They refuse to be open minded in their views on life, other people and especially themselves. They worry about what the world, or at least their peers, will be approving of. What style of dress is appropriate? Where are the best places to go? What standard of living will keep people “approving” of one’s lifestyle? I always ask, Who are you in the Grand Scheme of Things for your approval or disapproval to matter?
People judge me based upon basic conversations that I have with them. They take a disagreement and label me because my point of view does not align with theirs. I have been in a relationship where my significant other felt that I needed to change certain beliefs that I had and how I presented myself. This person tried to change me to suit the eyes of her networks. I have lost friendships due to what others thought of me. I have been ostracised for not following behind a certain group of people. Through it all, I have been able to maintain my individuality, and honestly, I am much more interesting than those who have written me off. Being true to oneself is not an easy task; however, it is much needed.
Every person is an individual. We each have our own interests, likes, dislikes, family, friends, religious or spiritual beliefs, opinions and thoughts. We all go through life everyday, trying to figure out who and why we are. The time has come for the standards set by society and in-groups to not be the only way we prefer to see each other. It is a time for open minds to thrive. It is a time to use our minds and spirits to their full potential. It is a time to be consciously aware of the world around us, and decide how we want to set and decorate our place within it. It is time to rid of ridicule and embrace support and praise. Constructive criticism over subjective negativity. Loving honesty instead of hateful cruelty. All truth; no lies. We are done with Divide and Conquer; we must now Unite and Coexist.

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