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One of the most interesting moments in life is when a person is approached about a network marketing business and the person approached exclaims “It’s a pyramid!” and then gives endless reasons of why the whole business model is corrupt and hinders the success of those who newly join.  All of life is a pyramid. Corporations are pyramids. The structure of the food groups is a pyramid. A drawn out family tree is a pyramid. The food chain is a pyramid. A small business is a pyramid. The government is a pyramid. Civilization itself is a pyramid. A lot of people have blinded themselves to this very important truth. Many fear admitting that there is a leader or group of leaders at the top; that would mean they would have to admit the fact that they are at the bottom, or somewhere close to it. Most people have too much pride to admit that there is life outside of them, much less that there are entities that trump their existences.
The most exploited example of a “pyramid scheme” is network marketing. There are CEOs at the top that found a company, they have their board of leaders who have mastered the game, then there are the thousands of representatives creating sub pyramids in order to expand the company at an exponential rate.  With most corporations, there is a CEO/Founder/Executive Director, a board of representatives that speaks for different facets of the company, within each facet there is another group of people doing the hard work and brainstorming for greatness, below them are the general employes, or “slaves”, that run the smaller sublets of the over all business. In small businesses or stores, there is the General Manager or owner, two or more Assistant Managers, the Supervisors under the managers, and the regular employees, or “slaves” that keep the day to day business running. Governments have a President/King/Pharaoh, or whatever the technical term for their leader may be, the cabinet or court or sub-council of leaders, a larger group of general advisers, another larger group of close working elements (i.e, government agencies etc.), and the regular employees, or “slaves” that keep the day-to-day processes running. Civilization has the few at the top with all the wealth and power, a larger group of people under them that have some riches, a larger group of people under them trying to achieve their own riches and then there is the largest group of people t the bottom, the “slaves”, that keep the day-to-day processes running by going to their jobs, or inhabiting the streets, and remaining broke or poor. A family tree starts with a man and a woman who mated, below them are their 1-3 children, below those children are their own 1-3 children, and it expands from there. The food groups are  classically displayed (via the USDA) with fats, oils and sweets at the top; milk, yogurt, eggs, meat, poultry, fish, dry beans and nuts below them, vegetables and fruits below them; and bread, cereal, rice, and pasta at the bottom. The food chain is often represented as a pyramid as well. There are the top level consumers, such as humans, wolves and other predators; secondary consumers, including snakes, ducks, and other amphibians and reptiles; primary consumers, such as deer and butterflies and other species that feast mainly on plants; producers, which are plants; and finally there are the decomposers, including microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. These all have been taught to us over the years, yet we do not acknowledge the physical, hierarchical pyramid scheme of life until it is convenient.
My favorite, and most controversial, pyramid is “The System”. Civilized living in itself is a pyramid. There is the private sector, the intellectual elites, the governments, and then the social classes that help divide the general population. Most believe that the oldest civilization existed in ancient Egypt, during the time of Pharaohs and the construction of The Great Pyramids, in which we are mainly educated on the reasoning for location and measurements. Pharaohs not only had the power to dictate and rule, but they also had the riches and wealth, then there were their sub councils, and the general population. It is said that many Pharaohs were buried with some of their most precious and personally loved jewels and precious stones. Pharaohs were buried in tombs within the pyramids in order to embark on their spiritual quest to become one with God and the heavens. When one sees a pyramid, one may think of light, illumination and power. The base of the pyramid may seem to be a way to draw energy from the Earth in order to help souls transcend to their rightful place within the universe. The energy and souls within may then exit through the top of the pyramid into the galaxy that we know as the heavens.
Symbolism of the pyramid in today’s world carry that same connotation: Those who are at the top are closest to God. Those who are at the bottom provide the support and energy needed to guide those to the top and exalt them to their own personal level of “Godliness”. Hence the concept of “Stepping of the little people”. The issue with this view of the pyramid of life is that humanity has focused too much on physically becoming close to God and/or the heavens. We have conditioned ourselves to relate the spiritual symbolism of the pyramid to a physical symbolism. We have confused ourselves into believing that getting to the top and reaching Godliness, or becoming God, is about a physical endurance, progression and transformation. We have allowed ourselves to think that we must go through mundane tasks, become randomly inspired, and then take ridiculous physical risks in order to achieve greatness. Becoming closer to God and the heavens is a spiritual journey, yet most fail to understand that one must separate the spirit from the physical body in order to achieve the end goal. Many feel that physical changes made to one’s body or one’s daily routine will make the difference, but if one’s mind and spirit are not open to the sun, moon, stars and energies around him or her, then one is moving around aimlessly in this physical realm.
If matter and mankind are God, or consciousness, manifested, then we need to individually and collectively participate in being the physical spirit of God. We need to be more consciously aware of what we do, what we say, what we eat, what we drink, how we address one another, how we treat one another, how we treat the other organisms and species around us and so on. We must learn to coexist, for if matter itself is God manifested, then everyone and everything is a representation of God itself. The pyramid should represent the transformation and progression of life and the spirit. The process of going from the bottom to the top. The process of moving from the pits of darkness and initial creation, to the heavens of light and transcendence. We must let go of our mortal thoughts, and move towards immortality. We must shake the grip of this Luciferian pride and arrogance that has lead us to our destructive ways. The time has come to decimate the “master/slave” mindset. The pyramid should bring mankind together in order to move forward into the new realm of existence that is upon us, not tear us apart. The Dark Ages are over; let there be light.

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