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The PriestsSo I’m sitting at my desk, perusing the various posts on Facebook and preparing to do some further research for edits to an article on stocks and investing tips, and there it is, another post about the crisis is Ukraine, it’s burning city, and the rising death toll. I click on the post from and go straight to the Youtube video linked in the article. I pulled up the video in a separate tab in order to get a larger, clearer picture and there it was: a city literally in flames with hundreds, if not thousands, of protesters at Kiev, Ukraine’s Independence Square passionately standing up to their government demanding change.
In a protest recap, the U.K. news site, Mirror, posted a video from a young, female protester and quotes her as saying, “[we] want to be free from a dictatorship…free from politicians willing to work only for themselves…who are ready to shoot, to beat, to injure people, just to save their money, to save their houses, to save their power.”
This is apparently a trend around the world, and although the revolution is barely being televised, don’t think that it’s not being covered or shown. As I sat in front of my MacBook, looking for more information on tech companies and their staying power, I listened to the livestream (and I still am as I write this) in order to stay in tune with what is currently taking place in our world while most Americans sit at home catching up on their favorite t.v. shows, eating cake, and discussing meditation techniques like we are secluded in some kind of perfection bubble. There were many dramatic moments that felt like I was streaming a Hollywood film when I looked to see protesters on their stage before their peers, singing songs while the city burned behind the crowd.
Even as I write this, I am hearing the harmonies of songs sung in their native language (they have beautiful and encouraging melodies) and empathically attuning to the energy of a people that simply want better lives for themselves and their families. A favorite moment of mine was when the famous four priests — who stood between the crowd of protesters and a seeming wall of Ukrainian police — got on stage and sang their own hymns to bring spiritual guidance and solace to the crowd. As the priests sang, there were still shots to be heard in the background and fires to be seen.
Around the world we have truly witnessed grassroots movements of the people of the world standing up to their corrupted governments in various places. It is apparent that the time has come for world change. The days of the governments ruling at the expense of the citizens are gradually coming to an end, and yet, the establishments of the world are fighting hard to maintain their control.
Where will this all lead? What will it take for our peers and world leaders to truly make huge movements toward manifesting a world of cooperation, abundance, wealth for all, and most importantly – peace?
They said that the revolution won’t be televised, but considering the fact that most people stream their favorite television shows from their tablets, smartphones, and computers, the revolution will be more than televised: it will be instantly accessible to the entire world — in real time. You can view the live video of the broadcast below:

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