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Imagine. Every person on the planet is sitting at one large round table, communicating with one another simultaneously via one major technical platform. We log on to Social Networks  and speak to people around the world instantaneously at any given moment. Amazing! We protest, advertise, sell, tell, love, hate, debate, rate, discriminate, advocate, berate, date,  simply communicate with one another at all times. We agree, and we disagree. We have random conversations and ask random strangers for advice on social or personal issues. We are all  being conscious of one an-others’ presence.
We discuss and share moments with one another. We tell and show each other what is going on in our lives. The communication is relatively personal. Everyone on The Planet Earth has the opportunity to live life moment-by-moment and be able to share those moments with those close, and not so close to us. There are some who support; there are some that don’t. We go on first dates, review movies, and get drunk together! We discuss worldwide events, protest governments, and even report Live News! We all weigh in, and we all connect.
One person expresses an idea, and the whole world has an opinion, at least it seems that way. We may be participating in life, but we also make time to stop and comment on any given event or moment of importance. We are thinking and instantly creating and persuading and networking with people we had no idea existed 5 minutes prior. We are all sitting at The Round Table, telling each other what we think is best for the world and who should rule next. Politicians advertise and ask for donations. Social networks are the ultimate virtual platforms for communication. Even though we are always on the move in one way or another, there is a part of us that has time to take a seat at The Round Table and discuss matters of the world.
At this very moment, we are all participating in the greatness of worldwide communication. Suddenly, South Korea and New York City aren’t as far as they used to be. I can instantly have a conversation with someone I don’t know that lives in the UK, from Atlanta, Ga.  Our favourite TV shows and celebrities and companies aren’t as untouchable as they were only a few years ago. We are able to observe the mass numbers of people who all believe in the same thing. We can witness the disagreements and the passion felt on both sides of any topic of debate. We can start a new organization, or ignite a new revolution. We can grow our business, or launch ourselves as a new brand. We can sell, or we can tell. The Round Table of Social Networks allows us all to have billions of conversations at the same time, without being interrupted. Pull up a chair, and start talking. Be a part of the conversation!

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