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What sizes does beauty come in? At times I feel that I am unsure of the answer to this question as so many people seem to believe that you can only be beautiful at a small size. For women, we have to be a size zero, and men just have to be obnoxiously muscular and toned. The beauty of the female body is not limited to the size 0-4 that “The Industries” have led us to believe. The masterpiece that is the body of a woman cannot be put into the container of size 0-4 with the grace size of 6. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds and heights.
I often feel overwhelmed by wondering what really is beautiful in the eyes of most. I see Facebook postings of women of pale skin and a bony figure that get much praise from commentators, and then I see photos of darker skin and a bit more meat on the bones and there is a huge debate on whether the model is worthy of any recognition. What is slightly satisfying is that there is now debate about how slim these models are; there is more emphasis on size and health. I am glad to be a part of a paradigm shift that is leading people away from the “white skin always wins” mentality and bringing the masses, slowly, into a mindset that accepts all skin colors. Where we still lack is in acceptance of size – weight and height.
Is it really necessary to limit the “requirements” of modeling to a minimum height of 5’7-5’8 and weight that allows one to be no bigger than a size 4? Are photographers really so mediocre that we need to put limits on what beauty is and how it is embodied? If male artists with heights of 5’6 and 5’7 can be portrayed to seem taller than what they really are, then why is there such a statement as “I’m too short to be a model”, a runway model at least? Why are camera angles not truly being put to the test and showing the beauty of all shapes and sizes in all extremes? Why is fashion not being truly marketed to the majority of those who will really want to invest in the products? Why are the virtually no size 10-12 models? In doing some light research, plus sized models are often expected to be a minimum size 18. How in the world are you too small to be a plus sized model and then too big to fit any other mainstream “look”?
There is a large crack in the beauty spectrum, and the majority of “average” women are simply falling through – they have virtually no realistic representation, and although plus sized modeling is a growing market, there is still not enough mainstream attention being given. There used to be a time when being big was not only beautiful, but it was also considered a sign of being well provided for. I fully understand that being overweight can cause many health problems, but how is it really healthier to starve oneself to the point where bones are showing? Being too thin is just as risky as being too big, and we must begin to cater to the happy medium of health and true Goddess-like bodies in our society and especially in our media.
There should be a massive outcry for more accurate marketing of what true beauty and health are and how far the limits really do go! Mass media should be protested on the grounds of causing unnecessary distress and even depression among the masses, especially youth, for setting unrealistic expectations of everything “beautiful”.  We need to check our peers when we see that they express a distaste for beauty simply because of what they have seen on televesion. We need to reeducate ourselves and humanity on what is truly realistic in terms of being healthy and beautiful. Not all women, or men, will be extremely small or thin. Not all mothers will immediately lose their baby weight. Women should not feel insecure about wearing clothing or swimsuits. People should not feel inferior because they have been indoctrinated with images of blonde haired – blue eyed, or dark haired and light eyed peoples with pale skin and bony bodies.
Being beautiful and being proud of what God has made you to look like should not be a radical move. Although we should present ourselves with some sort of class and taste, we should not be afraid of who we are and what we look like. No, not everyone will see everything that is beautiful in the same way, but that is no reason to declare that someone is not beautiful at all and force opinions upon them to make them feel less than the magnificent creation of life and humanity that they are – that we all are. Beauty is of The Creator; therefore, beauty is what it is – nothing more, and surely nothing less. Be you, for you are beautiful!

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  1. Well, I’ve been everywhere from a size 0 to a size 12 and faced criticism on both sides of the spectrum. You’d think society would be focused more on someone’s intelligence or what they could contribute to the world. Your post was beautifully written and I couldn’t agree more with you.

  2. The size-12 beauty, who recently scored a contract as Ralph Lauren’s first plus-size model, hit the Cook Islands’ Aitutaki Lagoon for an ultra-sexy photo shoot for Cosmopolitan Australia’s November issue. Lawley, 23, showed off her curves in printed bikinis and one-pieces for the spread.

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