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Most people are afraid of spirits, or ghosts. This is mainly because they have no true understanding of them and their capabilities. We are often sold stories of evil and disturbed spirits, trapped in old homes and hospitals. They terrorize individuals and families, and we all love to see and experience a good scare. Some feel that all spiritual encounters are moments in which we are deceived by demons. In some cases, this is true; however, this is not always the case. There is more to the Spirit World, and those within it, than what we are sold by mass media. There is more to experience than being terrorized in our own homes. Some are here to help. Some of them need help. Some are here to protect, and there are some who look to do nothing but watch over us and lead us in the right direction, inconspicuously of course.
New York is said to be the most “haunted” state in the United States of America. This very well may be true. My family ancestry goes back to New York. I am Ramapough Lenape Native American, and within that lineage is Dutch ancestry as well. I was living in New York state with my cousin for a while, and I had some interesting experiences of the supernatural kind whilst being there. Initially, we were in a decent sized home. There were three main bedrooms, another bedroom downstairs, a family room, a small laundry room, and the garage had also been turned into an extra bedroom. I slept downstairs in the family room on an extra mattress my cousin had. In the family room, there was an old dresser, the old entertainment center, a couple of unplugged televisions, and a few chairs with leather cushions. Apparently, the room had not been finished into an entertainment area yet, it was extra space at the time.
At night, I would pull out the mattress, pull out my sheet, curl up and try to fall asleep. The family room was towards the back of the house and there was a sliding door that led to the back yard. The back yard was always dark as there were a good number of trees there, and no bright lights to illuminate the landscape. Sometimes, the makeshift curtain would fall from covering the door, and the darkness would be exposed. I have a natural connection to the world around me, and there would often be times when I would look out the back door from where I was laying, and have an uneasy feeling that I would see a ghost that I had no clue of its intention.
The room was always quiet when I would go to sleep. Quiet and dark. The chairs with leather cushions were right next to the mattress I was laying on, and every night I would hear a rubbing sound from those chairs as if someone had sat down in them, right next to where I was sleeping. At first, I would turn around and see nothing and no one there. I would turn back over and try to brush the experience off as me being paranoid as I do not like sleeping in dark, silent places. However, there were often nights when I heard this sound, and I felt as if there was someone watching me. I would lay there and remind myself that I have many family members who looked over myself and my cousins, and calmed myself to sleep.
The floors of the house were all hard wood floors. This included the staircase. They entrance to the house was a split foyer: a set of steps leading upstairs and a set of steps leading downstairs. My cousins and I would often hear footsteps going down the staircase that lead downstairs at night when we were upstairs watching television. We often spoke about it, and even joked about who the invisible feet belonged to.
One early morning when I came back to the house after an overnight shift at my job, I had a unique and spooky experience. All of the house was asleep, except for my older cousin’s brother who was up preparing himself to go to his job for the day. He was in his room going through his morning ritual. I was in the family room preparing myself to go to sleep. As I was putting my belongings in place, I heard a voice call my name from the staircase. “Licia!”, the voice whispered. It was loud and clear. The interesting part is, I was not afraid. Caught off guard? Yes. But unafraid I was. I looked around and said, “Who the hell is calling my name?” I went to the staircase looking for a live, human body. I originally thought it was my younger cousin playing tricks, but as I looked around and listened, I realised that all of the kids were asleep and the voice had no living body to it.
At first I was slightly shaken as I had never had this kind of experience before, but then I was amazed and excited. I called my mother to tell her the tale of what had happened. She told me to make sure that when the dead calls my name, that I do not answer as they may be calling me to come Home. I kept this bit of information with me, and my interest in spirits and the supernatural grew to be greater than ever.
Another instance of paranormal activity occurred when I was on my cell phone one evening, upstairs in the living room. Suddenly, in the middle of my conversation, my phone began to break up. I thought this was a usual case of cellular transmission failure as I was in the mountains. But as the phone call broke up, it sounded like there was a voice trying to come through. I could not decipher any coherent statements, and the call finally dropped signal. I called my friend back, and told her what happened. Of course, she was spooked and even tried to call me crazy.
A few months later, my cousins and I moved further upstate to Newburgh, NY. We were all gathered in the living room in the townhouse we were staying in, and my older cousin was telling a story about our family and the spirits that watch over, guide and interact with us. The room became calm, and my cousin paused during her story. At that very moment, my ashtray, that was sat upon a large candle holder for days at a time, had suddenly been knocked over. Everyone in the room jumped as it was a sudden event. It seemed as though my cousin had talked up the incident. My cousins ran out of the room, and I was tickled with laughter as I thought their amount of fear was amusing. However, I always had in the back of my mind Why was an object of mine tampered with? I did not feel as if there was a malevolent force around me, but someone wanted me to know that he or she was well aware of my presence.
I have had many experiences of the supernatural over the years. My experiences are not limited to those that took place during my stay in New York. I have had many encounters right here in my mother’s home in Stone Mountain, Ga. Many that read this will have an eerie feeling. They will be afraid. Some will be curious as to why I had those encounters, and why I am not completely terrified. I love death and the paranormal. I love the spirit of this world and the spirits of all those dwell within it. I am not ready to see spirits at this time, as I know that some are demons looking to play mind games. I am still unnerved by the thought of seeing a demon with my own eyes; however, I completely respect their existence. This level of respect, I believe, is why my experiences have been nothing more than potential family spirits looking over me and letting me know that they are there. I am unafraid of the spirit world, and others should be unafraid as well. Demons feed on fear, and continuous fear of their existence is what allows them and “The Devil” into our lives, amongst other emotions and inviting acts.
There is more to life than what we have allowed ourselves to believe that we can see. There is more to sight than what is physically in front of us. There is more to feeling than what we can put man-created labels to. We must be aware, and be respectful. Don’t invite the unwanted, and the unwanted will not come. Do not mess with the Demons, and they will not mess with you. Be open to those looking to help, and laugh at the pranks that the mischievous pull. One day, we will all be a part of the other worldly realm, and we will be the ones playing tricks on the minds of those who choose to remain trapped in physical bodies. The time for transcendence has come, as our physical world is becoming more and more of a dream. Will you move forward, or will you remain where you are? Dead or alive, the choice is yours.

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