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The symbolic politicians

Taking in the commentary of the people during this electrifying election cycle in the U.S. has caused me to contemplate the consciousness that is represented by governments, political parties, and politicians. It is not only curious but quite concerning that mass amounts of American citizens are more concerned with the presidential candidates than they are with the people that the candidates represent. This debacle makes me think of the classic situation where one is unable to see the grammatical errors in an essay because that person has been reading the drafts over and over to the point where the errors can no longer be perceived. Let’s take a step back and assess the reality of what is taking place with the presidential race in the United States — the manifestation of collective consciousness.
First we have Republican Donald J. Trump, neurotic and successful businessman who is a legacy to the Trump family dynasty. Donald represents the materialistic ambition of every single American seeking the elitist version of the American dream. He has money, multiple successful businesses, a supermodel for a wife, three successful and educated children, and a brand name that network marketers love to use in their direct sales pitch. Donald is symbolic of every man’s man in America who seeks to be the breadwinner with the beautiful wife, the big house, the children, and the lavish life that most people only dream of. However, Trump also represents the dark side of that lifestyle. He benefits from tax cuts and loopholes. He maintains profits at the expense of the average people who seek employment to maintain their basic needs for living. He is heartless when it comes to business, making sure that his bottom line comes first — even if it’s winning an election. Donald aligns with any group of people that will push his agenda forward, even if said people may eventually prove to work against his best interests. Everything is about getting ahead for Donald Trump, and his seemingly blind supporters operate the same way. However, witnessing the commentary against Trump causes me to ponder the true reality of Liberal consciousness. Do they truly despise Donald Trump and what he symbolically represents or are they disgusted with facing the dark reality of what comes with the American Dream? The reality is, Donald represents the reality of what it means to do business. There is not one businessman that doesn’t have to think like he does. The choices of a businessman may vary, but in the end, the decision is always made to be in the best interest of the business, the CEO, and the shareholders.  The same cut throat mindset applies to anyone seeking to build a career in any industry. The animalistic drive is the same, but the arena may vary. Donald Trump is a representation of what it means to achieve the American Dream at all costs; he also shows us the darkest side of ourselves.
Second we have Democrat Hillary Clinton, the candidate who  symbolizes the self-righteous Americans who don’t quite understand their own corruption. The epitome of “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” While Hillary has legitimately done her fare share of social and political work to protect children and families, her latest scandals show that she has the capacity to be a corrupt and self-serving as any other quintessential, slimy politician. However, was that her plan all along? It is obvious that Hillary’s goal is to “break the glass ceiling” for women and become the first woman president of the United States. While a noble cause, she has to face the reality of the opposition: the good ole boys who still have the mindset of 50’s traditional family values. These good ole boys have been in office for the entirety of our nation’s presidential history, each president having his own interests and quirks. In order to show that Hillary can dance with the big dogs, she has to prove that she is one of them and can be just as corrupt, self-serving, and vicious as any other politician. Is it true to Hillary is completely corrupt or is Hillary doing what she has to in order to gain cool points and political respect? Hillary chose to become a career politician and built a resume that even most former presidents would envy. She has served the public and shown her ability to be a true patriot for the United States of America. She has proven her ability to make tough decisions and take the heat when things go wrong. Now, she has shown her capacity to ensure the she gains a righteous win no matter the cost. As long as it’s for a good cause, then one should be able to get away with anything, even murder, right? This is a dangerous slippery slope, and self-righteous causes spun to be for a greater purpose often sit at the root of the greatest acts of corruption in the history of mankind. Hillary is symbolic of the hero story: the long and hard fight for justice that too easily becomes a story of self-righteousness, narcissism, and sociopathy in the name of serving a greater good. Too many of us cling to such a story without thoroughly analyzing the deeper psychological reality of such.
Finally we have Independent Bernie Sanders, the undercut underdog. Sanders is a symbol for all of the utopian dreams and idealism that pervades all those who cannot identify with the “by any means necessary” mindset of business or politics. The consciousness that rules here is that of a fair government where the people are able to coexist peacefully and all are taken care of as in the fairy tales days of old. What is troubling with these idealists is that they tend to deny the reality that war and corruption have existed since the beginning of human kind, and there is no avoiding of the harsh realities of this world. There is no magical way to ensure that all countries and people on earth love each other and treat each other equally. There is no way to ensure that all people hold the same moral and ethical values as those who seek to believe that their idealism is the way to go. While these dreams are well intentioned, they can be far from realistic, which was the main concern with Bernie’s platform in the first place. He had idealistic talking points with no realistic policies or course of action to bring the dream to life. Does this mean that the people of America and the world are incapable of bringing about the utopian dream? No. In this universe, anything and everything is possible. However, we must understand that there will not be an instantaneous transmutation of ideals and activity with just one election cycle. Bernie is symbolic of the beautiful dream that must always face a harsh reality, and the reaction of his supporters when Hillary got the nomination and the corruption of the DNC was exposed shows how fragile the idealistic mind is. Bernie is symbolic of a dangerous delusion — one that everyone would love to experience but can never viably play out in reality.
So here we are, the snake-oil businessmen, the self-righteous heroes, and the emotionally unstable idealists. These are the three major pockets of consciousness that pervade the United States population. None of these people are actually bad people, but the media portrays each role in the light that the candidate in charge sees fit. All have made sacrifices to get where they are, but the kinds of sacrifices differ. All seek to reach a higher goal, a goal bigger than themselves, but the intent behind the achievement of said goal differs. In the end, there is one common denominator — personal interest. All three are worried about how things will affect their bottom lines, their quality of life, and the quality of life for their families and surrounding neighborhoods. All have a common interest — creating the best life for themselves. All seek to serve a greater good — making the world a better place. All seek to play the same game — discredit everyone that disagrees or doesn’t see things they way they do because only their way can possibly be right. Each one of these candidates represents a greater reality of the self-serving consciousness that rules over The United States of America. So many are caught up in the politics, theatrics, and talking points that they refuse to see the inherent and natural problem at the root of it all — self-interest.

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