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So what is The Synthesis?
It’s my blogtalkradio show about current events, consciousness evolution, and more! The style will be personal, not journalistic. It’s just me on my virtual soapbox talking about topics that are important to humanity with a perspective that brings about a synthesis of the mainstream thesis and the alternative (conscious/spiritual) antithesis — or at least that’s the goal.
I’m not a comedian, but that doesn’t mean you won’t laugh. I can be quite sarcastic and very much enjoy talking shit! As a Late Night Television enthusiast, I tune in to characters such as Chelsea Handler, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher (not quite late night, but in the club of awesomeness), and Jimmy Fallon. I also love alternative media personalities like Alex Jones and Christopher Greene. And when I feel uber mainstream, I watch and read all the big networks from Fox News to MSNBC — CNN, The Huffington Post, The Guardian (U.K.), Associated Press, and so on. But the real publication kicker is my own journalistic contribution to The Motley Fool, which is an online publication about businesses and stocks — helping the world invest better for the long-term like Warren Buffett.
As a mystic, I am Native Amercian — among the many other ethnicities mixed up in my blood — and I descend from a line of Medicine Women/Men (some call them Shamans). I am also a student of the Rosicrucian and Martinist philosophies; an independent student of Eastern mysticism, occultism, Theosophy, and New Age Philosophy; and I allow God to work through me to manifest rituals that help move humanity and our planet toward a better soul evolutionary space. And yes, I believe in Jesus Christ and even go to church (a Methodist church, although I was Christened Lutheran in infancy). Religion is a different experience when you have esoteric understanding of what is being preached. 😉
Mixed up enough for you yet?
Personally, this is also an experiment with manifesting and living my “Be Thyself” philosophy. I come to find that many of us can become a little too serious on our journey of consciousness evolution. We further polarize instead of synthesize. We reject who we really are in order to fit the idealistic mold of what we think The Illumined Ones were.
Damn all that! Dare to Be Thyself! Dare to break away from what the crowd thinks you should be and become who you truly are! Be free! Be you! But the ultimate questions are, “Who am I? Really? And how do I fit into this world? How do I harmoniously manifest my own reality within the greater reality? Who do I want to become? How can I be the best me possible?” These core questions will be directly and indirectly explored through the scope of the show. 😉
I’ll tell you one thing — or maybe two: I don’t believe in Light Bubbles of oblivion. I don’t get down with putting my head in the sand because the big bad world is actually big and bad — and this is what fuels The Synthesis.
We cannot deny, fight, or run from various aspects of reality because Love and Light feel so good and safe. We have to understand all aspects of our world and how they all serve a purpose. We also should take time to explore how we can participate fully in the mundane world that many despise so much in order to create the utopia we all dream of.
Faith without works is dead, so let’s do more than just meditate and wait. We can do practical work too — even in the mainstream world — believe it or not. 😉
The show will have 4-5 segments:
* Short intro – A monologue of sorts getting us all warmed up
** Current News – Mainstream news of the week/day
*** Consciousness Evolution – A topic about spirituality, mysticism, New Age things, etc.
**** Randomness – Weird news or random opinionated commentary (as inspired or needed)
***** Caller Commentary – Listeners call in and speak on what they have heard and what not
It will start out as a 30 minute show, and I’m planning on launching within the next few weeks!
Stay tuned, my loves!
Blessed be!

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