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american religiosityDonald J. Trump is now the 45th president of the United States of America. This will be the first time since 1928 that the Republican party will hold the Presidency, the House, and the Senate — a historical time indeed. So what does this mean for American exceptionalism on the world stage? To domestic Evangelicals, who tend to be staunch conservatives, this is a time to rejoice, as God has taken back the land that was once dedicated to Him and His precepts. However, the world is not as pleased or impressed with the outcome of the election, except for Vladimir Putin, that is.
Most countries, especially those with multitudes of citizens who have migrated to the United States, see America as a secular nation based on reason. They see America as a country that has historical links to the Christian faith but has never been a complete theocratic society based on Christian rule. America is a country that was founded for all faiths to flourish and prosper so a virtuous nation could stand the test of time through high morals and integrity. However, with the recent wars and the recent election, America has lost credibility as a nation that sets the example and leads the way.
The best way for America to maintain any sense of integrity is for the population to become open to being a religious pluralist nation that legally focuses on the rule of law and the rights of all citizens. This may prove to be a difficult feat for the country, as the Christian conservative base who sees the least has made sure to scream the loudest and win the election. Now, their representatives have already made strides in reversing important, progressive legislation such as Obamacare. This week, the Senate voted with results of 51-48 in favor of repealing Obamacare. This is a move that will restore pre-existing conditions for insurance companies to discriminate against and cancel healthcare for millions of citizens. One must contemplate how such an action can be in alignment with that of a righteous, generous, faithful Christian mindset. How can America continue as a leading superpower when it has a government that claims to be a virtuous union operating under separation of church and state, and yet allows religious fundamentalists to take over the government and enact policies that are contrary to the foundation of their beliefs?
America is quickly becoming an unexceptional nation. As foreign nations develop constitutions and make room for religious freedom in the face of American Islamophobia and widespread discrimination, America can no longer claim to be a beacon of light and the city upon a hill that leads the way to the kingdom of God. The widespread discrimination and hatred in this country completely discredit the theory of American Exceptionalism. Only radical change in the American paradigm can save the reputation of this country. Only an unorthodox approach to life and government can move the country forward in a positive direction.
America’s religiosity was once a noble cause and admirable success story. Now it is the country’s downfall. Read my latest paper on American Religiosity and the future of America as a beacon of light on the world stage. You can download your copy here.

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