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This week is all about embracing the healing process in the realm of our personal relationships. The past few weeks have been nothing less than chaotic and this week it’s all about applying the lessons learned over the last Mercury Retrograde period. This is also a time to embrace the shift that is taking place in all of our lives. We are being thrown into the next phase of evolution and consciousness. We are being forced into much needed changes that will manifest the Highest Good. This week will be a week of inner healing and the manifestation of our new lives — if we submit and embrace the change.
Egyptian Cartouche

This week we will engage healing of the mind and emotions. Happiness is creeping into our lives and we are called to be open to this influx of positivity. Fidelity to the family is also a key factor this week. Our personal relationships and our integrity in relation to them is of paramount importance. We should take pains to make sure our priorities are in order. This is due to an encounter with indiscretion and inattentiveness. We have been faced with some challenging energies over the past few weeks, and now that we are coming out of an intense Mercury Retrograde period, it’s time that we go within and evaluate how we handle our relationships. This is a time to heal that is within in order to positively influence our interactions without.

We should take into consideration the fact that we are the cause of our own problems. If things are still not falling into place, then we should go within and evaluate our strengths and weaknesses. We are to consider how we positively and negatively contribute to all situations in our lives.

The suggestion for this week is to engage the life force that is available to us at this time. We should take time to connect with our loved ones, and ourselves, and find places of understanding. Emotional love is going to be important this week, and we should be sure to let our emotions flow in a healthy way. Engage the arts and be creative. Manifest clear lines of communication with others in a loving way.  We should be clear in all of our communications and seek the Highest Good in ourselves, our beloveds, and our relationships.

The final outcome of this week will be the manifestation of ingenuity, inventiveness, and heightened integrity. This week will be a time of getting to know ourselves in order to improve our relationships. We will be clearer on who we are and how we can thrive harmoniously with others in all scenarios. The Divine Masculine will be made manifest, with all the positive, masculine qualities of ourselves going forth to take charge and bring about positive change.

Viking Runes

This week we find ourselves in the midst of the unconscious. We are embracing the unknowable. In this new Cosmic Day, many of us seem to be lost to some extent. Our lives are being shaken up and thrown out of sync. We have no choice but to surrender to The Divine and submit to the will of God. This is due to a failure to draw upon instinct. We haven’t been following our intuition; instead we have been fighting that which is manifesting before us. We are manifesting inertia as we try to reject the change that is taking place in our lives. We have been overreaching and striving too hard to attain that which we think is best for us but is actually in conflict with God’s will for our lives.

At the root of this week’s energy is signals and messages. There will be a need to be consciously aware of any and all communications and signs from The Divine. A new life is unfolding and with this new life comes new connections and opportunities. We are to pay close attention to the manifestations of the week and engage all things in our best interest, even if the opportunity doesn’t seem ideal on the surface.

The suggestion is to embrace disruption. Our lives are being shifted into a new direction. Although the change seems sudden, the process has been unfolding over years and years; only now are we seeing the manifestations of all the hard work we have been putting in on the astral plane. We are called to embrace the manifestations of change that are coming in to our lives — wholeheartedly.

The final outcome of the week will be our journey — our journey back to Self. Much of our journey will be focused on the inner journey toward reconciliation with The Divine, but it will also be a journey in knowing ourselves better in order to better nurture ourselves, others, and our important relationships. We will come to know our worth and be more willing to not only give to a higher standard but also expect to receive a higher standard of life in return.

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