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It seems like I keep writing about cleansing over and over. Have you been wondering, When will the manifestations come? What else do I need to cleanse? How do I know if I am tackling the right obstacles?  This is a time to trust your intuition and really be conscious of the signs and messages that are being sent to you. This is a time for us all to pay attention to every single detail of a manifestation. Don’t just focus on the message, also take note of the messenger or the platform the message comes through. Many things unknown to us are hidden in plain sight, and we can become more conscious by simply taking a more careful look at what is right in front of us. However, we need to be patient. We cannot expect to rush through this great transition. All great things take time. Even though we are seeing glimpses of the beauty and bounty that lay in our future, there are still details we need to take note of in the meantime that will help us fully comprehend the bigger picture.
Egyptian Cartouche

This week we are seeing signs of success and forward progress. The trials and challenges that have manifested up until now are being overcome through will-power and perseverance. This is due to the impossible being made possible through nurturing, love, and care. Diligence in our works and patience with our processes have yielded positive results, and we are beginning to see positive manifestations in order to reap the benefits.
We should take into consideration all things hidden that have not been revealed yet. While we are seeing signs of positive progress and manifestation, there is still more to come that we are not aware of. These occult things may be new challenges, but they are more than likely positive surprises. Take pains to not become too entranced with what has already manifested on the surface, for there is more to come that will deepen the experience and make our transition much more meaningful than what we think.
The suggestion is to use discretion at this time and be attentive. We are to develop patience with the developments that are taking place in our lives, as there are surprises that are bound to come up in the near future. This is a time to lay low and remain observant. Receive humbly and do not boast.
The final outcome of this week will be stagnation. Our need to be still at this time means we cannot dive into our new manifestations head first. We are to be attentive for a while and keep still until all things that are hidden have been revealed. Don’t worry though, it won’t be too long before all things come to light and fall into place!

Viking Runes

This week we are challenged to clean out the old in order to embrace the new. There may have been some sort of fruitless journey that has left us dismayed or a highly disappointing failure in communication. This is due to our quest for wholeness and self-realization. We may still be facing traces of outdated thought patterns and frictional urges that cause blockage in our growth and transformation.
At the root of this week’s energy is a need for perseverance and foresight. Through inconvenience and discomfort, growth is promoted. This may be a trying time, but it is certainly a meaningful one. We are able to avert total and complete disaster by staying still and being attentive.
The suggestion for this week is to embrace fertility. Our transition into spring (at least in the western world) is aligned with our current period of nurturing new beginnings. We are to cleanse our space, personal and practical, of old energies and dust and prepare ourselves for what is to bloom in the coming weeks and months.
The final outcome of this week will be the energy of the spiritual warrior. We are to use sharp discernment in determining what to keep in our lives and what to remove. Patience will be made manifest as we await the manifestation of things hidden that need to be revealed. We will be looking within by the end of the week and exploring our true selves.

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