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This week is all about facing the shadow self and reconciliation. We cannot go forth into the beauty and bounty of the New Cosmic Day until we confront the false persona that we have developed in an effort to “go along to get along”. The time is now for authenticity, but before we can be authentic, we have to confront what we hold on to that is inauthentic. The week will bring about signs of good fortune, but only if we take right action.

Egyptian Cartouche

This week we face deceit, cunning, and folly. This is due to being out of balance and the development of a false persona. We are still transitioning from the old to the new and our true selves must be embraced, but we are not doing a good job of letting go of the old. We should take into consideration our desire to succeed in our spiritual ascent. We seek the age-old goal of illumination and transformation, almost to a fault. It is very possible that we have been holding ourselves back far more than pushing ourselves forward.

The suggestion is to get grounded and inventive. The time is now to finally take the big risk of being who we truly are without fear. While things must be done within the confines of reality, we cannot allow the illusion of limitation keep us from being our True Selves. Let the Light within shine now! Know Thyself and Be Thyself!

The final outcome will be a bit of opposition from others and an experience of growing pains. As we engage the True Self, others who are not as confident in who they are will pull away, send out negative vibes, or simply hate on our progress and transformation. There will be those who seek to keep us where we are in order to satisfy their own displeasure with themselves. We should take pains to protects ourselves, psychically and physically, from those who seek to hinder our progress.

No one ever said transformation is easy, but it is always needed and well worth the journey!


Viking Runes

This week we find ourselves facing constraints. We need to restrain ourselves and explore the shadow side of our personalities. This is due to aspects of our character interfering with our growth in a new life or life process. We may be dismayed by our own failing to take right action in life to ensure that we move forward in a healthy way.

At the root of this week’s energy is Self. Only clarity and a willingness to change will be effective now. We are to be in the world, but not of it. We all have our own unique frequency and we need to attune to that as opposed to “going with the flow” of life. The dance of manifesting balance is called for now, and we must get in tune with who we truly are in order for our new lives to truly begin.

The suggestion for this week is movement. New dwelling places, new attitudes, and new life are to be embraced. We are called to rise from our ashes and face the future, once more, reassured and prepared for good fortune that is coming into our lives. Gradual changes will be made over time with perseverance. Transformation does not happen over night, but we should be sure to know that if we continue, conscious of our goal, then the goal will be achieved.

The final outcome is the harvest. There will be beneficial outcomes if we continue to take right action. We will see the beginnings of what will be a beautiful future come into view. We must understand that this may begin the process of change that can take anywhere from weeks to months to one year to complete before the next phase begins. Good things are coming, and quite quickly, but this is only the beginning and much more is to come!

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