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This week is a time of healing and reflection. It’s all about engaging the Divine Feminine within us and exploring our inner blockages. We can fully heal ourselves by healing our souls. We can cleanse our energies and personal spaces best by cleansing our minds and hearts of past pains and karmic influences that cause us to repeat the same self-destructive behaviors that continue to hold us back from our happiness. One suggestion for such a healing process is contemplation on the things that make us uncomfortable. Go back in time and find an event or feeling that left you traumatized. Go to that dark place where that most painful memory is and give it love.
For example, I have held a memory from my infancy. I was left in a room in my high chair all by myself. I cried for hours hoping someone would come get me out of the chair and no one came — not quick enough anyway. I have had abandonment issues of feeling unloved and uncared for ever since then. I have had crippling fear since that time that has held me back in many ways. After discussing this with a family member, she told me to meditate and go back to that period when I was left alone. I was to enter as a spirit guide and give myself the love I wish I had received. Later that night as I went to sleep, I lit a candle and some incense and focused on being held the way I wish I had been held in my infancy. I visualized my Higher Self (or older self) picking my infant self up out of the high chair and giving love and comfort. After I woke up, I tested my transformation and every time I went to that dark place, all I could see was me holding myself with love and care. While I still have some time before I am fully healed on all levels of love and relationships in my waking present, I am off to a great start of feeling still and calm.
Also consider engaging in other techniques: hypnotherapy, past-life regression, soul retrieval followed by affirmations and new memory insertion. Also, research other healing techniques that resonate with you. Engage the readings below to view the dynamic of how this week will benefit us in the realm of healing. I believe in you and your growth! Go forth!
Egyptian Cartouche

This is a time of embracing the strong, independent, creative, and well-groomed aspects of our personality. Hathor signifies engagement with our divine feminine essence. This week we are challenged to embrace such energies and manifest them due to a new air of flowing communication with our higher selves. We are also engaging a time of travel or planning for a trip. We should take into consideration a release of life force, letting go of our old lives. Karmic influences may be made clear now for us to consciously reference in our decision making. This is also a time of great growth in the love department, especially self-love.
The suggestion for this week is to be like water. Flow and go forth in transformation. We are to embrace our emotions and trust our intuition. This is a time of self-reflection and transformation. As we go forth this week, we are to go within and explore what truly holds us back. What is the source of our insecurities? What is the subconscious source of our outer blockages? What is the original trigger of our self-sabotage? We must go to the painful places in our subconscious and heal ourselves. Healer, heal thyself!
The final outcome of this week will be healing on all levels achieved through healing of the soul. As we go within and reconcile the difficult things we still hold on to, we will be healed inwardly and outwardly. We will be able to go forth feeling renewed and safe with a closer relationship to the divine.

Viking Runes
This week we can embrace the coming harvest of beneficial outcomes manifesting in their own time. We can take comfort in knowing that good things are ahead and are guaranteed to manifest if we focus on our growth and persevere. This is due to honoring the receptive aspect of our nature. We are called to be still and not overreach or strive excessively for a specific outcome. Know that it is coming and go within for solace and guidance. This is a time to follow our intuition no matter how much our egos may not want to.
At the core of this week’s energy is partnership. The union of the self and the Self. We will be challenged to connect with the soul within and see things for what they really are. This will be a beautiful development though, and much healing will come from it. All relationships will benefit this week, but the focus is on the relationship of the self and the Self. 
The suggestion for this week is to embrace what appears to be a loss. Whether we lose a personal relationship or material possession, this is a time to release it with love and contemplate the usefulness of the disconnect. The challenge is to recognize where true nourishment comes from. Hint: Self-love.
The final outcome of this week will be growth. We will experience a significant quickening in our development if we are able to be calm and properly embrace the energies of healing and transformation. We will be renewed and operating at a higher level of consciousness. We will know who we are just a little bit better and be able to go forth on our spiritual journey ready to embrace the abundance to come.
Self-love is an important key to self-mastery.

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