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This week will seem to give conflicting messages. We will begin feeling good about where we are or where we are going, but then we will also face the reality of how we manifest things that we do not enjoy. As within, so without! This is a time to see how we are our own blocks in certain situations. Sometimes we refuse to see our faults, other times we refuse to forgive others and move on. The things within us that cause blockages will always be reflected without. So pay attention to how things play out this week, for the end of the week will be the beginning of new life!
Egyptian Cartouche

This week we encounter availability of life force and fulfillment in our love for various things. This is due to our improved communication with our Higher Selves along with a drive toward pioneering and adventure. We are embracing new beginnings as a collective. We should take into consideration mastery of the ego and self-discipline. We should also note that we are able to be on the right side of the law and not tread on the toes of anyone in a senior position.
The suggestion for this week is to see the uses of adversity and examine where we may be the cause of our own problems. The final outcome of this week will be emphasis on the divine masculine. Integrity, inventiveness, and craftsmanship will all be made manifest with our ability to use discernment and take right action in all affairs.

Viking Runes
This week we are encountering movement that appears to block. Opportunity is at hand and should not be ignored. Whatever we are doing or not doing is timely, and we must understand that all opportunities are not for us. There are times when the best action to take is to do nothing. This revelation is due to messages, signs, and signals alerting us to be conscious of the beginning of a new life that is now unfolding. We should take pains to be especially aware of surprising linkages that take us into new pathways and on new adventures.
At the root of this week’s energy is a need to clear some things from the subconscious. This is a time to explore how we may be our own blocks in certain circumstances. What has manifested as an outside enemy may, in fact, be a reflection of something within us. This does not discount the other party’s role in the situation; however, we attract what we are. Thus, if we are receiving something we are not happy with, then we must find what is within us that is attracting the unpleasant experience.
The suggestion for this week is to stop and ask ourselves if we possess the qualities of seriousness, sincerity, and emptiness, for these things manifest the tranquility needed for clarity, patience, and perseverance. We must remember that everything is a test; therefore, we cannot fail.
The final outcome will be initiation. Renewal and self-transformation. This week will yield surprises and unexpected gains. The soul will be able to take flight and soar, free from the ebb and flow of ordinary life. There may be a psychic death, and we must let go of everything — no exceptions or exclusions — and allow our spirits to be renewed.

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