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Let us all be honest with ourselves. Women need men. Without men, there would be no sperm in order to reproduce. Without men, there would be no one to lift the extremely heavy objects that women feel they are too pretty to handle. Yes, there are butch and aggressive lesbians that suffice when it comes to some manly jobs, but men are still needed. Women need to feel secure and protected. Women need to be able to feel feminine and submissive. To be a little graphic, women need penetration. Women spend most of their lives in denial. Society has changed the views of women and home life so much that women are actually confused. Women feel the need to become men. Although slack from “No good” men fuels this, women still need to slow down. They want to work five jobs, pay all the bills, dish out all the orders, have all of the control, but then they flip things around and need someone to save the day when things don’t go right. What is even more interesting is that women will blame men, or a lack there of, when they (the women) mess up. The psyche of women is a mind fuck.
Women do nothing but play mind games, but who is really winning? Women will lure men into their worlds and allow the men to feel empowered. Soon thereafter, the women will have “random” emotional breakdowns when things don’t go right (their way) and then the men have to give in. Some of the more “independent” women will claim that they don’t need a man for anything, just to complain about the lonely nights they spend alone in their big houses. Women will threaten to take “the pussy” away in various forms. They will threaten to cheat, end the relationship or simply not have sex for extended periods of time. True, this will affect the men, but it’s not like women don’t get in the mood to have sex. What sense does this really make? Women will end a relationship directly or by way of infidelity and then feel that they have won, but they are alone. Women will tell men “you can’t have any of this”, and then go to sleep horny and angry for having teased themselves. At the end of the night, when the argument is over, women aren’t mad at the men, they are mad at themselves.
Women are also ass backwards when it comes to children. Women will threaten to take the children away or find a way to get pregnant just to keep men around. Really? Women bring new lives into the world because they are afraid of losing men that they may have never truly had in the first place? I am appalled. Women separate men from their children in order to get the men to behave, ruining a family and their offspring’s childhood over selfish pettiness. Seriously? I am flabbergasted. When all is said and done, the men either pay child support, find a way to be with the children without the mother or say “fuck it” and leave it all alone. In most cases, the mothers have chased away the fathers. Pure genius! Not really. Some women have babies just to collect a check off of men that broke their hearts, then they claim that they are getting over on the men. These women are simply pathetic.
In other cases of pure stupidity. Women provoke domestic violence. I am not saying that there aren’t crazed, insecure males with anger issues, but women do often put themselves in situations that can be avoided. The prime examples are the women that think “because a man can’t hit me, I can hit him!” Wrong! Ever so wrong! When women take it upon themselves to punch men in the face like they themselves (women) are men, those women have asked for a punch in their face. When women have the courage to spit in a man’s face, those women have asked to be slapped. Women too often believe that they can get away with almost murder because men are supposed to be so much stronger than women. Women actually use the fact that they are “frail and gentle” as an excuse to get away with being man beaters. Then, women get mad when men hit them back. Really? Women complain about a lack of respect from men, just to turn around and slap men in the face, hard, and then giggle about it. These women need to be slapped. I understand that violence isn’t the answer, but that does not discredit the law that for every action there is a reaction. The classic ending to these situation comes as follows: women provoke men, men react to the women, women run and cry about the fact that they are appalled that men actually reacted, and then those same crying women run back to the men that put them in their place after demonizing them (men). Tragic.
Finally we move on to lesbianism. I had my time with the ladies first hand, and I have always said that if I want a penis inside of me, then it will be a real one. Here is the real mind fuck of women. They will run around claiming that they hate men, they are disgusted by men and they don’t need men. Then, those same women will run to the sex shoppe and buy the biggest rubber penis they can find. One of those women will strap the penis on herself, and penetrate the other female. Mind fuck. Lesbians will say they don’t need men, just to turn around and want children. In order to reproduce, male sperm is needed. The end. Now there are many things about men that are unattractive, and I personally understand a natural attraction connection to women. I love women; but claiming that men are almost invalid and disgusting creatures is a little far to take the limit. Even lesbians need men.
Women need to sit down a face it, we need men. Even if it is simply for reproduction, women need men. Although men do have their egotistical issues, and they do think they are more important than what they are, women should not over frustrate themselves by trying so hard to prove that men are worthless. Why is it so important to portray men as nothing but worthless pricks that are only good for sex? Does this really work? What does it do for women? What does it prove to society? What does it teach our youth? I am not saying that women belong in the kitchen only, but I am saying that they need to sit down somewhere. Women need to let go of their own insecurities and let men be men. I am not saying that women should let men run all over them and cheat and lie and be too aggressive, but women should let the balance exist, as should men. Women need to be partners, not parents. Women need to be tear catchers, not tyrants. Women should have some control, but no one needs to be in control. Women need to accept the insecurities of their men and help them (men) to overcome them, not pick at those insecurities at any given moment of distress. Actually, women need to face their own insecurities prior to even trying to connect with men, or other women, beyond friendship. Women not only need to give support, but they also need to receive support. The sad truth is, many women don’t know how to accept real love and support, and then they blame the world for their loneliness. They need to wake up, their situation is no one’s fault but their own. If what the Old Testament of The Bible says is true, then women are a part of men. Without the creation of men, there would be no women. One cannot exist without the other. There really is no need for us to keep trying to make women out to be better than men. Honestly, we are all the same. Human. What is most interesting about the words woman an human is that they both end with man. How about that for a mind fuck?

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