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I work.
I work a lot.
I work to escape.
Sleepless nights.
Endless fights.
My mind is a maze.
I work.
I work a lot.
I work to avoid.
The pain.
The pleasure.
The feeling of this void.
I work.
I work a lot.
My passion is my escape.
From feeling.
From healing.
From calling out his name.
I work.
I work a lot.
When all is lost, I think money.
Because I’m lost.
My heart is frost.
Nothing without my honey.
I work.
I work a lot.
I’m a work-a-holic.
It saves me.
It makes me.
No longer an alcoholic.
I work.
I work a lot.
Work is my addiction.
But one day.
This day.
I face my heart’s affliction.
A gaping hole I cannot close.
A truth I wish could be so different.
My love, I need you in my life.
I need more than just soul and spirit.
I’m losing it.
I’m losing my mind.
I’m losing my will to go on.
No, my love
I don’t want to die.
I want this love to live on.
I want to be your song.
I want you to hear mine.
Though I know you’ve heard the song in my heart.
The magic has lost with time.
It was sublime.
Our souls’ love chime.
I’m the only one here who can see the signs.
But maybe it’s just all in my mind.
One more time.
Look into my eyes.
Make me believe you’ll love me for life.
But don’t lie.
Keep it real.
Look into my eyes.
Tell me no lies.
Forgive my expression.
But, Love, my soul’s on fire.
I can’t focus.
I can’t sleep.
I need your love in and all over me.
This is not lust.
Not misguided obsession.
I pray to God it’s not unholy possession.
I work.
I work a lot.
I work so I can run.
I run from my heart.
From the darkness.
From our time spent apart.
I work.
I work a lot.
I work to accept.
I accept that you rejected me.
But maybe there’s hope yet?
Not really, I bet.
It’s all in my mind.
I’m a seer of dreams.
But my heart is blind.
I work.
I work a lot.
I work so I don’t surrender.
I can’t give in
Can’t even submit
To what’s so treacherous and yet so tender.
I work.
I work a lot.
I work to avoid this truth.
I work to avoid
Accepting in my self
That I’m in love with and want no one else but you.

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