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Well-behaved women seldom make history.” —Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
I have done wrong.
I have done much.
I will forever sing my song,
I am not to be judged.
I started having sex at 14.
I love men and women.
Although I don’t like to be seen,
Penetration is my ultimate sin.
I was a player.
At 12 I mastered the game.
I no longer try to be a slayer,
And many still beg to call my name.
What is sad is that they are all the same.
They want nothing more than my body bare.
I have given in, and I they have tried to tame,
But I just let them have me and then left them there.
I am vulgar.
I always have been.
And like a vulture,
I feast upon your sins.
Like the deceptive devil,
I love to mislead.
Although I don’t meddle,
I love the challenge of making one believe.
I want you to believe in me.
I want you to do.
I need you to see.
I need to break through.
I love to laugh.
I want to laugh at you.
I will befuddle and flabbergast,
Until I make a fool out of you.
Then, I will eat you.
I will eat you alive.
I allow my darkness to consume,
All of my truths that you know as lies.
I have ambition.
I love the praise.
And in this rendition,
I am proud to say.
I am a soul that is dark.
I live to misbehave.
Amidst all of the lark,
Who’s job is it for my soul to be saved?

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