Posted on: April 22, 2011 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

I’m a Cancer.
True to the core.
From the sweet and loving nature,
To the bitchiest mood swings ever recorded.
But the thing that stands out most.
Is the love and interest in intimacy.
The need to be close to someone,
Even for one night.
Being a water sign,
The flow comes natural.
No need for extra encouragement,
I’ve got this on my own.
I close my eyes,
And I can see you.
Then I see me.
Then I see she.
Who the hell is she?
Who she clean?
If not then she can watch,
But if so..then shall it be.
The pool is now open.
All are ready to dive,
But it’s one at a time,
To enjoy this water ride.
Water water everywhere we’re gonna get wet!
Having fun on this water ride!
The pleasure is great,
Now it’s time to go inside.
No time to dry off.
Straight into the shower.
Two on one,
One on another.
I prefer the former.
As I lay back and receive
The many, plenty, and ever intense
Gifts that are being given to me.
I release.
I relax.
I unwind.
And then I watch you two go at it.
Until next time….

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