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The greatest lie ever sold is that of imperfection.
We’re taught that mediocrity will always be our reflection.
We teach that being less than great is something to accept.
We claim that no one can be Christ, and no one is exempt.
“No one is perfect!”, we like to exclaim, but the goal is to become.
In time we go from the three, merge the two, and become the One.
The problem is not institutions created, but the why and how of our actions.
We live our lives in self-serving ways and despise unwanted reactions.
The truth must be faced, we are living a lie and many want to remain.
So many cling to fear of loss not realizing what’s to be gained.
Dong things, so absurd, asĀ our souls we don’t want to face.
Projecting our demons, creating facade — not wanting to be put in our place.
The truth is this, perfection can be realized in one lifetime — it’s true.
It’s all in the thoughts we think, the will to become, and the actions we do.
We must stop using philosophy, spirituality, and religion as an excuse.
We must take responsibility for our mediocrity and debauchery too.
The task may seem too great to the souls who enjoy sin.
I understand we are broken, but don’t think that life isn’t ours to win.
We all experience the trauma — the trials and tribulations alike.
But the fact that life is hard and unfair is no reason to not get right.
Follow your heart — the way of the truth — and in time you will find The Light.
The way of the heart leads to no more than the coveted righteous life.
So below we manifest the beauty and perfection of above.
The way of the heart, fueled by the desired and feared unconditional love.
Water Way

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