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Apparently, those who rule the world have corrupted the social networking site, Twitter, to a point where people and movements are blocked out of sight. Occupy Wall Street is a protest movement going on across the United States and is growing at a very rapid pace! It finally made news on CNN and got much airtime. Unfortunately, the reporting was due to the large number of protestors arrested over the weekend, but at least their plea was recognized. Occupy Wall Street was a trending topic on Twitter for all of one day; however, there was another variation of this trending topic that was blocked and the organizers of this movement had to come up with another form of the topic so that it will trend world wide without being blacked out.
Another point in time in which Twitter was practicing malicious censorship was during the Troy Davis incident. Troy Davis, the name, was blocked from trending worldwide on Twitter. Yet, after Troy Davis was executed, RIP Troy Davis was allowed to be a trending topic. Most Twitter users were outraged as they felt that an overwhelming flow of protest via social media could have made a difference; however, the difference that could have been made via the voice of the people was blocked out.
I have had a a couple of Twitter pages. I first deleted my account because I did not use Twitter that much and I did not see a need for it. Now, I have embraced my natural talent of writing. I not only post epic Tweets that are worth ReTweeting, but I also write epic blogs that people not only enjoy reading, but also ReTweet and share with others. My account (This_Is_Li) was suspended for so-called “Mention Abuse”, a few days later it was restored. I changed the name to The_Poetic_Li, as I felt this was a good time to change my persona. I tried my tactics differently, still sending out my link to readers, but to people who posted on relevant trending topics, and I included personalised messages. One blog post I sent out was a piggy back off of the Troy Davis incident entitled “Death to the Death Penalty”. This post was viewed over 100 times in one day from only a few mentions. This post was linked to personal news collections and news sites from across the world. People not only read this post, they enjoyed it. They were moved. My voice was heard, and it was not hated.
Soon thereafter, this account (The_Poetic_Li) was suspended as well and I have still yet to hear any feedback as to why, or have my account restored. This caused me to simply create a new account and wait until I hear back about the older one. Within an hour of developing my new profile (Philosophic_Li), this account was suspended as well. There was not enough time to misuse or abuse anything on Twitter, yet my account was suspended as soon as I began to continue my quest to share my greatness and light with the world! Outrageous!
People enjoy my writings. They are able to relate to the words I have to say. I do not wish to write in order to keep people in their stupefied slumber. I do not write to blind the masses from seeing what is going on in front of them. I write; people read. I speak, and people listen. I think, and people begin to think with me. I am clearly a threat! The movement towards revolution is a threat! Any person in this country, and in the world, looking to make positive change and yelling out that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” is a threat! We are being silenced! We are being blocked from being heard! But as long as I have a mind to think, and hands to write with, I WILL NEVER BE SILENCED! My show will go on! Nothing will stop me! These set-backs are nothing but motivation! I am not asleep! I will not go to sleep! I will not shut up! I will continue to speak out against the powers that be until they make me an offer I cannot refuse, and even then, I still might not be quiet!
The greatest threat to the rulers of this world is a mind that thinks freely. There is no taming me now, and there never will be!

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  1. I’m not sure why Twitter is doing that. Hell, I didn’t even know that was a “regulation” they had in place. I know I don’t always comment, but I truly do enjoy reading your writing. You sound so much older than your age. It’s great that you acknowledge that you have a gift, yet even greater to share it with the world. Keep on writing, chica. =)

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