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From horses and bayonets to being sure we all love teachers, this last Presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney has been the most entertaining to date. Although the Vice Presidential debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden was pretty entertaining as well, I must say that Obama and Romney really had me laughing mighty hard this time around. Overall, I feel that Obama had a wonderful comeback and has won the debates in my opinion, but has he won my vote? I can’t quite be sure.
In all honesty, I don’t care for either candidate. From honestly broken promises to honestly told lies, amongst other things I dislike about political parties and The Establishment, I can’t say that I go Red or Blue anymore. In the last election, my first time voting, I didn’t go Red or Blue either. The real truth about American Politics and Republican vs Democrat is that both parties represent a higher power and ruling structure. The New World Order was proudly announced a few decades ago with George Bush, Sr. and Mitt Romney made it clear tonight that the NWO is alive and well. From his comments about America’s mission to be the world Military Industrial Complex and World Police to his closing comment stating that we need to “maintain America as the hope of the Earth”, it is clear that America has its role and that we are playing our part in the grand theatrics of all that is taking place here and around the globe.
I personally cannot put my faith or vote in a man that has a son that will proudly say he would like to “take a swing” at the current president. I cannot put political faith in a man that only knows business. Let’s be honest, a businessman can balance a budget, but in whose best interest will this budget be balanced? Most CEO’s and Chairmen seek to gain a profit and put money in the pockets of themselves and their shareholders, not the employees and common man, so would the average citizen really want a big time, corporate CEO that has a record of being dishonest and a typical capitalist running the country? Do you really think that someone who writes of 47% of the country and then lies about it in a debate to get cool points, thanks to his PR team, has your best interest in mind?
These last two debates between Romney and Obama have really shown all of us in America and around the world not only how much people are willing to lie, cheat and steal an election, but also how ridiculously gullible the people of America are. We all know that Romney has said ridiculous things and, literally, had to clean it up in order to gain votes, and more people are really going to vote in his favor! We know where his real interest is, and we know what he truly stands for – but we still allow ourselves to be pulled into the theatrics of debate and many of us actually believe what is said. It’s completely and utterly ridiculous!
One observation I made was that many individuals could not wrap their heads around Romney not saying anything different from Obama and the change of focus in this last debate. Foreign Policy was not the only topic discussed, but what was there to really say? Obama and his administration have done a great job as far as foreign policy is concerned and their plans are worthy of support – of course Romney couldn’t have much to say in opposition to Obama’s current record and future plans. To quote Obama, “Romney’s saying that he doesn’t have any different ideas – that’s because we’re already doing exactly what needs to be done.” And with that, Mr. President, I concur. Although I prefer Obama over Romney, I still don’t prefer Red over Blue – there’s no difference between the two, and that is what’s scary to me. There’s clearly something bigger going on, and I don’t support it!
At the end of the night, will I be voting? Of course! Who will I vote for? Well, the polls will find out when I get there. Who will win? Whoever gets the most votes, or maybe whoever sells himself the best to The Powers That Be. The Conspiracy Theorist in me saw Mitt selling himself to “The Rulers” by ensuring that he made it clear that America has a role in world affairs and that we need to stay strong in that. Obama made it clear that he is already doing his part, and he does not need a special sales pitch. Will our votes matter? Of course they will, in the theatrics of the election. In reality, there may or may not be a different story, and with how close the race is now in various political polls, it will be very easy to manipulate the final result without there being a big stench of foul play, which may be the scariest factor in this whole debacle.
It is undebatable, we need to get out and vote – even if it’s for the sake of spurring a revolution. We the people of the United States still have a chance at forming our more perfect union, if and only if we take the initiative to take back our own country and run it, once again, for the people and by the people. What will you decide?

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