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file000707275367Spiritual ascension and consciousness evolution. These concepts are beginning to become a little overrated, or so it seems. As we climb the symbolic ladder to higher planes of consciousness and spiral our way into multidimensional forms of being, it is inevitable that we will find ourselves at the same place where we started, but with a new perspective — a higher state of consciousness.
The Cosmic Principle of Rhythm
As students of esoteric spirituality, we learn that there are general laws that govern humanity and the universe. These basic, unchanging principles are ever present in each and every aspect of life — from minerals to plants to animals. The Law, or principle, of rhythm has been esoterically defined as regularly recurring motion, change, or impulse proceeding in time-measured, alternating sequence. A classic illustration of rhythm is the swinging pendulum or the metronome, moving from left to right at fixed intervals of time.
When speaking of the symbolic spiral motion of our evolutionary experience, the concept of completed rhythm comes in to play. Completed rhythm is manifested by circular motion, which then goes on the manifest as the spiral we find so perfectly illustrated by the Golden Mean. This uninterrupted rhythm blossoms into complete movement in orbit, where the center between two opposites is itself moving in response to a higher order of rhythm.
While the concept of rhythm can be illustrated through side-to-side motion of pendulums and the measurement of music via the metronome, our manifested life experiences better illustrate the up-and-down dimensionality of rhythm.
Rhythm and Blues
Rhythm is also illustrated by the concept of waveforms, manifested by the up-and-down experiences of life. While we like to focus on the positive experiences in life — the times when we are “up” — there are the inevitable moments when we are seemingly slapped in the face with negative experiences. From failed relationships to trying times in our business cycles, we will always experience the blues that come with life experience.
file7491253347663Disappointments and life challenges cannot really be avoided, but we can be conscious of these instances and handle ourselves accordingly. The real purpose of consciousness evolution and self-mastery is to gain  a better understand of ourselves and the world around us so we have more conscious control of how we interact with what life throws at us. Being conscious of the fact that what goes up must come down and the spinning wheel will continue to go ’round elicits a new frame of mind that allows us to take on life without being ruled by it.
Cyclical Growth
We all experience the phase of wanting life to be “perfect”. We want perfect harmony, perfect love, perfect kindness, and yet we awaken once more on our spiritual journey to find that almost nothing has changed but our own selves. We are more aware, more loving, more understanding.
I have found myself wondering how the world could still be in the state that it is in if alchemists and magicians that mean well for humanity are so powerful. Can’t we just visualize a perfect world and it manifest? The reality is that these “evils” of the world will never go away: for every white magician there is a black magician; for every loving heart there is a hateful heart. That is simply the law of polarity continuously manifesting in our lives as it manifests throughout the universe. As above, so below.
Progressing in Our Ascent
We continue to work on ourselves inwardly and outwardly with the intention of creating a world where there is perfect love and perfect harmony. However, this utopia will more than likely never manifest in the true form that we all dream of due to the laws of polarity and rhythm. To think that all things good could throw life completely out of balance! And yet, we continue.
Progress is made through moving in a spiral motion — up the proverbial coil — to a higher plane of consciousness. And yet, the same general cycle of things still manifests — from good to bad and back again; from life to death and rebirth. It is said that the highest form of alchemy is the transmutation of the circle of life to the spiral via moving the central point, which is our very spiritual being. Although the cycles of life will continue, we still rise to higher planes of consciousness.

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