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Women. Women are tools. At least it seems that way anyhow. I have been wondering for some time why I’ve approached by men in the way that I have been. Either they think that they will be able to have sex with me by telling me how attractive I am, or they think that smoking a blunt here and there will do the trick. Men think that what they want will come easily by the slightest of efforts. I have come to find out that they act this way because it works. There are far too many females in this day and age that are looking to be “saved”. They will give themselves away to a man simply because he asks. There are women that sit at home, collect government checks and benefits, have no ambition and ruin dating for real women who have goals and ambitions. Women that have some level of standards as far as dating are left to deal with foolishness and seem to have no hope. I have had conversations in which it has been stated that some men simply use females for their food stamps card. Honestly, from a man’s point of view, this makes sense. Why not get free sex, free food, and free housing from a female that won’t mind any of it because she doesn’t have to work hard for anything she has and she loves the attention.
Unfortunately, this leaves real women with drive and business about themselves to have to deal with men that do not know how to deal with a real woman with brains and ambition that does not always look for the easy way out. What is needed is a confidence booster. Women that believe in being to lowest bitter in order to portray the damsel-in-distress role to catch a man need to wake up and stop relying on a man’s attention to validate their existence. Women should stop allowing themselves to be so weak that they are living life waiting on a man to make them feel worthy. But as long as the media glorifies being worthless and needing a man’s penis in one’s life is the only way to feel worthy, nothing will change. As long as music continues to degrade women and make it seem like real men want women made of plastic that will give themselves away for a dollar, nothing will improve.
Due to the lack of respectable dating, even some self respecting women have resorted to dating men only to see what men have to offer physically and financially. Women now use men more than they ever have, and this too adds to how men treat women overall. If all a woman wants is a man’s bank account so she can shop all day, why not treat her as the whore she is? I am not sorry to say that if a female is being intimate with a male simply because he pays her bills or takes her shopping, she is a whore. The technical term is prostitute, but that term is too heavy for some to carry. One needs to build a true spiritual bond with another person in order to be considered otherwise.
We need real role models today. They are hard to find. Getting ahead means giving head, and too many of our young ladies are prepping themselves early for the task. Women need to find strength and validate themselves for themselves. Women need to no longer be afraid to be ambitious and have goals. Women must collectively strive to be more within themselves and demand the respect that they deserve. Otherwise, it is fine that we all be labeled as whores, for in some way, we are.

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