Posted on: July 10, 2011 Posted by: Felicia S. C. Gooden Comments: 0

There is a new phenomenon going on. It is called “planking”. Various sources report that the act of planking started out in Australia in 1997 and was called “the lying down game”. The object of the game is to lay down, face down with one’s hands to one’s sides and balances oneself on a random surface and take a picture. I guess the cool point come from creativity because even I have been tickled by some photos I have seen. My issue with the whole game is that it is degrading. The position itself is not one that one should be proud to pose in. One looks like a slave or low- life that is being harassed and punished for existing.
Planking is also a ridiculous act as it’s original history dates back to the American slave trade. Those sold into slavery were made to lay face down on plank bed with their hands chained to their waists. Considering this fact, African- Americans should be the last ones wanting to run and participate in such foolishness, but of course this is not the case. Many exclaim “planking has nothing to do with slavery” or try to not be controversial by saying “whether it has to do with slavery or not”, but to tell the truth, planking has everything to do with slavery as that is where it originated. There have been African – American Plankers that say “We’ve been planking for years, this is how you do it”. This is absolutely appalling and many blacks have fallen into the trap of cooning for the entertainment of others. Those same people that bought you into slavery have cousins on another part of the planet making blacks believe that it is “okay” to¬† re-enact the past because there are white people doing it. Blacks in America have been making jokes of themselves for years and it only gets worse. The ongoing use of the word nigger excused by reasoning of spelling and usage by blacks is already overwhelming, now blacks in America are reliving the slave trade by planking. They find it acceptable because there are no chains and they can plan wherever they choose, but this is all part of the mind game that blacks are apparently losing. We may as well play hangman. We should tie ropes or some other creative cloth around our necks and hang ourselves from tree branches and record a video of who can hang the longest without dying. Furthermore, we should call it lynching to make it sound cool and trendy.
Society has once again been hoodwinked into participating in foolishness that is nothing more than that, foolish. Blacks have been bamboozled into 21st century cooning. Seeing how this has come to light, the way it has come to light lets me know that there is almost no possible way of waking up the masses. Education has clearly failed us, and pressure from society and peers to be an unintelligible as possible only adds on to the ongoing ignorance and stupidity. Yet there are a brave few who look to learn as much as possible and spread the light of information and intellect. These are the true leaders in our world today. As long as they can change one mind and save one life, their job has been done. Yet, the fight for truth and enlightenment for all will never be over. In the end, many will walk the plank, and many will fall into the ocean; however, there will be a few that will be saved from their own doom.

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