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I have spent a lot of time writing my thoughts on various events and concepts. Recently, I have taken a step back and observed things more closely. I have observed the words and actions of others – on and off the internet. There are many who talk a good game, and there a some that play a good game. There are many that have much to say, and there are few that have much to back up those words. Backing up one’s words is not limited to the acquisition of things. Being able to back up one’s words is about walking the talk – it’s about practicing what one preaches.
This journey of being thyself is not an easy one, for we live in a world that wants everyone to fit into a pre-sculpted mold of personhood and lifestyle. Society wants individuals to be compartmentalized and put into a proverbial box that comes with a label, but the soul is not meant for a boxed in existence. This conflict of interests is what leads to identity crises and the immense struggle to know oneself in a world that teaches there is nothing more to know than what has been written by the hands of others. This seems to be a travesty, but there is beauty in this beast. The paradox of Self knowing and being in a world of conformity presents a journey worth embracing and diving into head first. There is so much to learn, and one cannot really know if one is staying true to him or her self if one is not faced with the obstacle of trying to fit in to a mold that is not meant for the individual. There are so many experiences in this 3-d reality that although they are tragic and unwanted, they serve a much needed purpose – providing growth and understanding.
For me, I am done talking. I am done writing the same thing that everyone is writing and saying for the sake of being able to claim that I am knowledgable on a subject. Although this does not mean I do not seek to study and learn as much as possible, it does mean that I am diving deeper into my journey of being my true divine self. There is no need to be the preacher or structured teacher when I can simply live my truth and lead by example. My example is not of being humble, noble, knowledgable, or sanctified – it’s an example of being true to one’s Self, which happens to be a collective embodiment of all things considered. It’s time to stop sitting around in our circles and at our desks just talking; it’s time to get up and start walking. Walk the talk. Live your truth. Be Thyself!

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. I think the internet is a cesspool of talking heads. Imagine if everyone actually did what they say they do or said they would do. The world would be a better place…or destroyed in a second. I think it’s best to surround yourself with those you admire, respect and love even if they’re not in the flesh, just a part of your soul. And I am one that completely admires and respects you and enjoys your words and company even if I don’t always say it. Have a blessed Sunday.

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