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The events that took place at the White Nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA illustrated the reality of how sick America is in its current Right-Left paradigm that pits White Nationalists (Conservative extremists) against Anti-Fascists (Liberal extremists). What was originally a peaceful demonstration of White Unity, White Pride, and White Nationalism became a raucous event with clashes between supporters of opposing ideologies and cars crashing into groups of people, causing death and injury. What can be learned from this tragic development? The lesson to be learned is this: while cultist followers of the Right and the Left appear to have opposing ideologies, they both have a central modus operandi – vehemently and violently opposing dissenters or anyone that is different from the collective.

The Supremacist Right

Common knowledge about White Nationalists is that they are right-wing conservatives who cling to a remote past based on white supremacy, slavery, and grossly misconstrued Christian traditions. They are savage capitalists who believe in the Social Darwinist Theory “survival of the fittest” in an economy based on free enterprise and competition – success and endless wins at all costs. In a world filled with wealth inequality, racial and gender inequality, the continued perpetuation that White Males are superior to any other human being on the planet, and the widespread effects of an open system that nurtures human vice more than human virtue, it’s easy to see how the Old World Order has overstayed its welcome.
In defense of the White Nationalist argument, yes, the White race has made invaluable contributions to Western Civilization and the world as we know it. Almost every country on the planet has some form of a constitutional government, the dollar is the global currency standard for trade, and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights virtually mirrors the United States Constitution. These are all wonderful developments that have brought humanity to the precipice of the next age of enlightenment and prosperity. However, making significant contributions to global society does not mean that one particular race and gender is more supreme than any other group of people on the planet. Making beneficial contributions to society does not excuse the fact that said contributions were forced upon developing nations through colonialism and genocide.
A new way of seeing the world that is more sophisticated (and at times irrationally overcomplicated) is definitely something to be proud of, but it does not validate a history of hate, oppression, and violent behavior based on the fear of being outnumbered by others who look different from the group or speak a different language. The future cannot look like that past. A world of cooperation, popular sovereignty, liberty, and emotional maturity cannot be achieved through brute force, hatred for that which cannot be understood, and violence against dissenters. That, dear Conservatives and Lovers of Liberty, is the definition of fascism.

The Fascist Left

The so-called Anti-Fascists aren’t off the hook either. If you are to create a progressive, egalitarian world that attempts to purify the ideals that White Supremacists used to build this country, such as freedom of speech, then you cannot impede on the people’s right to assemble and express themselves freely, even if the assembled are fascist White Supremacists. As can be seen by the recent actions of Google and the violence at the Charlottesville rally, the Anti-Fascist Left is, in itself, fascist by way of firing and potentially destroying the career of a political dissenter as well as literally inciting violence at a public rally, which then led to an escalated response from potential Nationalist supporters, which can easily be further escalated to an endless cycle of violent, emotionally charged retaliation on both sides. What good will this do on the quest to establish a unified and sustainable world?
The rule of law ensures that murder, hate crimes, and causing anyone undeserved harm are punishable by law. So, White Supremacists cannot run the world lynching everyone in sight. The only legal tactic they can use in an attempt to “take their country back” is political activity, and the 2016 election showed that they will not hesitate to engage the political system for their own benefit.
In order to make as many, if not more, wins than what the Right is claiming these days, the strategy for a party that is genuinely more mature and responsible is to become politically active, actually serve the interests of the people you claim to represent, and draft policies that benefit all Americans, not just those who aren’t White Male Protestants. Being emotionally reactive, alienating a group of citizens, and inciting violence against or destroying the career of anyone who doesn’t go along with Leftist, Liberal ideology is also the epitome of fascism (which originated in past attempts at socialism under Communist Parties). Progressives, don’t fuel the problem; be the solution.

How to Move Forward

 Let’s be honest. Most people don’t want to endure another round of violent White Supremacy in its full glory, no matter how much White Supremacists desire it. Despite this majority desire to not relive the past, the popular minority who believe in White Supremacy perpetuate a tradition-based mindset that is passed on from generation to generation. There is no way to get rid of the this world view without rounding up all the White Supremacists, putting them in reeducation camps, and then killing off those who refuse to conform to the new Liberal norm of tolerance and understanding. I admit, this suggestion may sound appealing to anti-racist extremists seeking to rid the world of White Supremacy once and for all, but if this Nazi/Fascist route is taken, then how are progressives any better than the oppressors of the past? How will manifesting a new form of oppression solve any problems and bring the world closer to a cooperative, egalitarian utopia?
The time has come to break free from the radical whims of the Right-Left paradigm and embrace a new worldview that is based on true tolerance and the ability to agree to disagree. Of course, people should have the right to defend themselves against those who have not quite made the transition to the mindset of peace, equality, justice, and understanding, but lashing out like children and throwing violent temper tantrums over people not seeing the world the way you do is not the solution.
The solution is to emulate the ideals that you want to see in the world. If others should be tolerant, then you should be tolerant. If others should be accepting, then you should be accepting. If others should have respect for themselves and their traditions, then you should have respect for yourself and your traditions. If others should respect you and your traditions, then you should respect others and their traditions. The human collective must focus on solutions that benefit everyone and protect the right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness for every single person, not just White Male Protestants or those who oppose them. A new world of cooperation and understanding can be achieved, but violently enforcing your belief onto a group of people in fascist ways will not bring the utopia into manifestation. It never has, and it never will.

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