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This thing we call love – is it really a thing? Is it really just an emotion? Is it really just some Cosmic Law? Why do mystics and students of esotericism associate what we experience as an emotion with Cosmic Law? Why do we say that God is Love?
God is the source. God is the beginning of all beginnings and the end of all ends. God is the parent of all other manifestations in the universe. Now that we have generally explored God, lets explore Love. Love is the experience that truly stirs up the vital life force within us all. Love is what drives us to make the sacrifices needed to create a better world and a better life for ourselves and others. Love is the reason we awaken in the morning – be it a love of family, a love of a partner, or a never ending quest for love, even a love of money.
Love is the parent of all emotions. Our experiences in love are what lead us to the emotions that include happiness, sadness, depression, pure bliss, and so on. For with love being fulfilled in a positive manner brings joy, and our love being betrayed or threatened brings rage or sadness. The loss of a job much loved can be devastating, but the promotion within a company one loves can be exciting. A marriage between two people in love is the goal we all seek to have manifest in our lives, and the divorce or separation of that love brings tragedy on various levels.
Love is truly ineffable and indescribable, as is the almighty God himself. Love creates new life and can destroy the lives of others, just as the universal cosmic forces can. God truly is Love, or should we say that Love is truly God. Love is of God. Or is Love our human experience of God, in his purest Light and warmth?
Whatever this love is, there’s no better place to be than in Love. Even when the darkest of moments come forth, true Divine and Unconditional Love guides the way back toward the Light as we press forward on our journey toward Peace Profound and true Illumination.

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