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intersection-of-spirituality-and-politicsOver the years, there has been a debate in the spiritual community about whether or not one should engage in discussions about politics and controversial social issues. The consensus among many in the spiritual community is that engaging these issues “lowers you vibration” and takes the mind away from the importance of personal, spiritual growth. It was widely assumed and taken for granted that the law of attraction is a magical principle that will automatically change the earth, and if one simply meditates and only focuses on spiritual things, then the world will simply transmute itself due to our continued meditation and incessant positive thinking. The recent U.S. election has proven such thinking to be inadequate and served as a huge wake up call for the spiritual community. Now, more spiritual teachers are coming to understand that being involved with everyday issues and discussing these “taboo topics” are actually needed to bring about world progress. Real change takes real work, and that work is often grueling, controversial, and filled with shadows.

Run Away and Namaste’

It seems as if the New Age, spiritual community has been promoting putting one’s head in the sand as a way to enlightenment and righteousness. Don’t get me wrong, personal and spiritual growth are important, but if the goal is to make change in the world and bring about the utopian society that we all desire — to a point — then the spiritual community has to get real.  The luxuries of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have made some people self-absorbed and unconscious of the world around them. So many have followed empty pseudo-philosophies about making world change through mediation, online courses, and talking about ancient history without bringing it all into context with the real world today. Politics and social issues equally influence the collective consciousness as the alternate realities of spirits and metaphysics. We cannot outrun the shadow aspect of society. As within, so without. If personal change comes from facing the inner shadow, then societal change will come through facing the collective shadow.

Overcoming Dangerous Delusion

It is unrealistic to believe that change will come without hard work in the physical world. For some reason, it seems like the spiritual community mystifies processes that are actually very mundane in practice. There is so much focus on the mind that followers have the potential to be mislead into believing that no physical work has to be done. All things work best in balance and moderation. It is important to retrain the mind in thought patterns and belief systems, but it is equally important to do physical work in making changes in the outer world.
After training the mind to believe that things can change, there are good people in the world, and love is the key to moving things toward the utopian age, you must then develop a practical worldview. Your worldview leads to the development of your philosophy, and then you can learn to live the philosophy through taking on projects that are in alignment with one’s worldview and philosophy. After the thought, there must be a will. With the will, you can change the thoughts. When the balance of active thought meets active will, physical action can then manifest to create new realities on the material plane.

Making the Change

The spiritual community is at a great advantage in bringing about the utopian age. Millions of people all over the world are awakening to the metaphysical aspects of life and actively engaging what appears to be magic to the unconscious mind. Taking this position of leadership in pioneering the evolution of consciousness must be applied to the political world and humanitarian issues. Conscious thought influencing public policy will lead to a greater movement to bring forth a time of peace, truth, and conflict resolution.
The meditation groups, conferences, and online courses will help us to develop our intuition, evolve our mental capacities, and make important contacts to support the collective effort to not only transmute consciousness on the metaphysical plane but also bring about tangible change in the physical world. As we network and learn from each other, we will then develop action plans to start projects that move consciousness evolution into the mainstream where news is truthful, laws are conscious, and society works towards peace. Come down from the throne of light and illuminate the darkness of the mundane world!

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