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Lust. The feeling that is most mistaken as love. Lust is passion. Carnal passion. Lust is the feeling of needing a certain person in your physical presence. Lust is when you think of a person and chills flow through you. Hearing yourself say that person’s name in your mind is erotic. Thinking of intercourse with the other person elicits orgasms. Lust is inevitable. Lust is almost inescapable. Lust is what makes being bad feel so good. I must admit, I enjoy it.
Lust is an experience. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical manifestation all happening at once, or so it seems. Nothing seems to matter outside of that other person and how he or she makes one feel. I love the feeling of chills down my spine when I think about someone’s name. I need to feel the touch the another person and be embraced. Sexual desire is what makes life worth living, or so we believe. Sexual fantasies can take one into a realm of ecstasy at any given moment. These lucid dreams usually suffice until the real experience occurs. Lust is infatuation, but with a twist.
I cannot deny, lust consumes me sometimes. I will long for the touch and feeling of another person near me. A woman close to me. A man inside of me. Dirty thoughts through my mind, dirty talk in my ears. Hours and hours of everlasting pleasure occurring over time. I can often find myself having moments of feeling like I need some form of interaction. Sometimes my thoughts are not enough. Often times, I am satiated with real and personal experience. I can find myself in situations in which I pursue what I am in need of. I have had experiences of taking people for what they have to offer. I have sinned in only wanting the company of someone because he or she provided good company in one useful way. I have had my share of being a bad girl, and I cannot say that I regret it.
One night stands, a meet- and- greet gone too far, benefits over time, calling an ex long after the relationship has ended, these are all acts of lust. I am guilty of them all. Do I feel bad for it? No, not at all. I love the choices I have made as they have all inspired me to be who I am today. I enjoy the moments when I cannot sleep due to the thought of a certain someone touching me. I need the moments in which I melt from being kissed. I cannot survive without the aftermath of penetration. It riles me, and it soothes me.
Lust, that damn lust, leading me down paths in which I probably should not have traveled and showing me a world that many wish they were sheltered from. I cannot escape lust. You cannot escape lust. No one can escape lust. The key is working to not always give in to lust. We must not allow ourselves to indulge in our lustful ways to the point where we forget what love is. We must not continuously mistake lust for love. We may love the way a person makes us feel in a moment of passion, but that does not mean that we love the other person? Love for an orgasm is not love for a person. Do you love him? Do you love her? If the world were to end and the both of you were left fighting for survival, would you make it as a unit? Is there a need to fulfill greed right now? So you not only lust for the body, but the money and power as well? Oh, lust. How I love her. How I need her. She makes me feel so good, when I am able to control her. When I cannot, I admit, I submit. I find that special lover and I say, “Lay with me. Now, will you take me?” What do you do when lady lust takes over you? I would love to find out. 😉

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  1. Yo
    I thought that was wonderful – I’ve been having a back and forth dialouge in my head about the merits of lust and a google search of “lust consumes me” brought me here. It was nice food for thought.

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